Dayal Group: Raising Indian Farmers' Productivity through High-Grade Products & Services

Abhay Kumar, Chairman,Anuj Kumar, Co-Chairman

Anuj Kumar, Co-Chairman

India is witnessing a trend of farm loan waivers. Although it may give immediate relief to farmers from mounting debt, in the longer run, improving productivity through quality service is the only way to keep them out of distress. Identifying the misery of farmers, Dayal Group which was established in 1979 with a singular purpose to serve the Indian farmer & ‘to bring a smile on every farmer’s face’ suffices the farmers’ niche requirements through high-quality agro offerings. Dayal’s entire ethos is based on offering quality, reliability & better service to the farmers to help them enhance their farm productivity & profitability. “All our products adhere to our promise of quality coupled with the focus on service to the end customer & our channel partner. Our products are always ‘Asli Bharosemand’ (authentic & reliable),” adds Abhay Kumar, Chairman, Dayal Group.

Dayal is a diversified, R&D focused agri-business company dedicated to enhancing the productivity of Indian farmers by innovating products & services that sustainably boost crop and livestock yields. This ISO 9001:2018, and HACCP certified company blends expertise & experience with high-tech equipment to meet farmer’s needs. Through this facility, Dayal invariably rehearses and peers for research-based solutions to
improve farm productivity and thereby, the profitability of farmers.

Producing High-Quality Products
Dayal has a well-established network of Veterinarians, Ph.Ds, and Technical Consultants who do an intrinsic study on the feed and conduct in-house trials to manufacture high-quality products from fertilizers, seeds to animal feeds. The products are developed with a profound understanding of Indian feeding practices to meet the nutritional requirements of different breeds. Supported by a latest in-house analytical lab for testing of raw materials & finished goods, Dayal utilises state-of-the-art equipment together with a high standard of analytical methodology to offer clients cutting-edge feed which magnifies production. Having a production capacity of approximately 1.5 million MT of cattle feed & 0.75 million MT of poultry feed, Dayal keeps its entire production & mixing of animal feed additives under a single roof. Therefore, it not only assures the quality of ingredients, but also meets the need for sustainable animal production.

"Dayal is a diversified, R&D focused agri-business company dedicated to enhancing the productivity of Indian farmers by innovating products & services that sustainably boost crop and livestock yields"

Moreover, by working with consultants and research institutes like Neovia group (France) for nutritional support in layer poultry feed, Dayal draws the international standard to the Indian farmers. Blending these partnerships with its expertise, Dayal generates peculiar value for the farmers through new, improved products and innovative ways to reduce costs.
Diverse Portfolio
Dayal provides a spectrum of services encompassing technical services, applications, product developments, research, intellectual asset management, and scientific & regulatory affairs. While its team of veterinarians work closely with farmers to provide on-farm technical support through technical seminars & knowledge dissemination sessions, its on-ground team of sales executive devises new methods of reaching out & spreading awareness amongst farmers.

Abhay Kumar, Chairman

The company that sprang as the first zinc sulphate manufacturing unit in the country with Abhay (an IIT Kanpur & University of Massachusetts alumnus) at its helm has diversified into a comprehensive firm offering a complete range of inputs for agriculture & allied agriculture activities. Utilizing this knowledge, Dayal has steadily added new verticals of businesses and now it has five divisions in the group namely cattle feeds, poultry feeds, aquafeeds, fertilizers & seeds, and its network scales to over 500 distributors & 10,000 dealers across 15 states of the country. The company endeavours to magnify its services, and become the largest agro inputs company in India soon.