Deccan Auto: A Name Bringing Revolutionary Changes to the Indian Public Transport System

Y. Rama Rao,Plant Head

Y. Rama Rao

Plant Head

The public transport system in India has received a lot of heat from the public for a multitude of reasons. Many still believe that the Indian public transport system is nowhere near when compared with its western counterpart. Deccan Auto was established in 2015 to resurrect the highly disorganized public transport system of the country. Deccan Auto is a part of an Indian MNC chaired by NRI, MSRV Prasad who is heading various other business ventures outside India. The company took some bold decisions to create a pure bus experience for the millions of daily passengers who were getting fed up with the conventional and below standard quality of the traditional buses.

Deccan Auto is trying to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability through their unique solutions and they have carved out a new niche for themselves which deals with luxurious yet affordable buses in the market. "In India, true bus technology and experience is limited to the premium class of vehicles which are only produced in very low numbers, to be precise 500 per year when compared with the total number of buses produced in India per year which is 90,000. Comparing people to vehicle ratio of the Indian market to that of China, we foresee an exponential
growth in Indian Bus market in the near future because we are the 2nd largest population on earth and still China hosts a bus market which is 10 times bigger than ours", asserts Y. Rama Rao, Plant Head, Deccan Auto.

Deccan Auto has been leading the technological race in the industry because of their fast adaptations in business models and the quick adaptive reflex of the company

The company's dedication to uplift the Indian public transport system and bus manufacturing has helped them to venture deep into the industry and as of now Deccan Auto provides solutions for mass transit for STUs and fleet operators apart from the production and assembly of low floor city buses and intercity coaches with both seating and sleeper berths named Corona. The company has developed a revolutionary space frame technology that ensures a seamless journey for the passengers with its low interior noise and air suspension. This new frame model helps Deccan Auto to cut down the weight of their buses tremendously which leads to better handling and improved miles per liter ratio. All this combined with the usage of various other cutting edge technologies helps the company to increase the life expectancy of their vehicles as well as to reduce the costs incurred during production. With their modular and adaptive technology, Deccan Auto is able to meet the customers' requirements on a finer scale, offering solutions for a fully built vehicle or a custom body built on a chassis of the customers' choice. The company's intercity sleeper coaches were used to set the AIS ­ 119 standards for all buses in this category by ARAI.

Deccan Auto has been leading the technological race in the industry because of their fast adaptations in business models and the quick adaptive reflex of the company has helped them to compete against the other local and international players in the industry. This has helped Deccan Auto to cater to all major State Transport Undertakings like APSRTC, KSRTC, NEKRTC, NWKRTC, AICTSL and private fleet operators like Parveen Travels to name a few. Deccan Auto has established their presence in various other African countries also. With the help of their young, energetic, dynamic and talented team Deccan Auto is planning to make a giant leap in the industry by introducing Modular Electric vehicle technology with international partners offering mass transit solutions ahead of its time in India.