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Prashasti Ranjan,Founder & CEO

Prashasti Ranjan

Founder & CEO

Design Brewery believes in being more than just an agency. It believes in partnering with its clients to provide them with optimal design and marketing solutions. It believes in being bold and whacky with its ideas while providing end to end solutions that make a difference to their client's top lines. Further, with its integrated and customized suite of solutions cutting across its three design verticals, namely - Graphic design, UI/UX & Web design and Product/Industrial design, it becomes a one-stop-shop for all design services, saving its customers the hassle of dealing with multiple design agencies.

Founded in 2015 by Prashasti Ranjan (an IIT Bombay and NIFT alumnus),the agency has been able to garner significant repute and a wide base of clientele across India within this short span of two years. One of Design Brewery's primary strengths is its impressive pedigree of designers coming from top national and international design schools such as National Institute of Design (NID), Nanyang Academy of fine arts Singapore, Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID),Delhi College of arts, WLC College and more. As stated by Prashasti,Founder&CEO,“Coming
with a design back ground provides us with an added advantage as we are well versed with various design principles and laws that enable us to approach design in a more scientific manner than just pure intuition”. Another USP of Design Brewery lies in its approach towards design. Instead of providing consumers with disjoint ideas, the team approaches each project from a holistic solution perspective. The team progresses by taking a step back and understanding the dynamics of the client, their requirements, competition, industrial scenario and their target audience.“This brings a macro level understanding of how things function and how product will be placed in the market,”states Prashasti. Combining this work flow with their extensive knowledge of design helps clients achieve high ROI and market visibility.

Design Brewery believes in being bold and whacky with its ideas while providing end to end solutions that make a difference to their client's top lines

Design Brewery boasts of a wide array of customers, which is a healthy mix of startups as well as established firms. Some key large accounts include Vodafone Foundation, Nasscom Foundation, Sattviko, Song and more. Some of the big startup accounts include Singapore based Social Weaver (a web based platform for parenting advice and services),Zocales (A travel
portal for back packers), and Nanco beverages. “It is easier to work with large organizations because they already have their marketing and business objectives defined, we only need to understand and customize our design solutions for them. However with startups, some times, we even work with founders to define their objectives, strategy and goals in order to develop the best solutions for their growth. This can be time consuming and laborious, but is extremely interesting and a huge learning opportunity for the entire team that works on such projects,” says Prashasti.

With its constant endeavour to evoke customer delight, Design Brewery is not only able to rapidly acquire new accounts at a rapid pace, but is also able to retain clients through its consistent delivery of high quality design solutions. “Our single biggest mantra for success is to ensure customer delight and pleasure, no matter how much we need to stretch the team or extend ourselves to achieve the same,” believes Prashasti.

Key Management:
Prashasti Ranjan, Founder & CEO

A M.Des, Product Design graduate from IIT-Bombay, Prashasti is passionate about designing and has over five years of industry experience in industrial design, luggage design, feminine care products, graphic design, and Packaging design.Prior to founding Design Brewery, she has worked at Samsonite, HCL Technologies and Sprylogic Technologies on various design related roles.

Offices: Gurgaon (Headquarter).