Digital Weighing Systems: A Renowned Brand with Global Expertise

J P Punja & Akhil Nath, DirectorsOne cannot deny the importance of accurate and durable weighing equipment in current industrial applications. Each and every industry is going to use weighing scales or other weighing equipment at least once during their production process. Understanding this necessity, many entrepreneurs have started focusing on the weighing equipment manufacturing industry. The lack of proper planning and production of under qualified products has resulted in many shutting down their operations. One company that has been consistently performing in the weighing equipment manufacturing sector is Digital Weighing Systems. Understanding the lack of professional approach in the sector, the company was set up by B. Ravindranathan and Raghav Rao, who have been setting new benchmarks in the weighing equipment manufacturing space for over two decades now.

Digital Weighing Systems is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer, exporter and supplier of top notch electronic weighing equipment headquartered in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. A recognized name in this domain, the firm has been developing rugged, simpler and accurate weighing and monitoring systems. Digital Weighing Systems provides a wide range of products including rail and road weighbridges, truck scales and, PLC-based automation. With its unique durable, corrosion resistant, and application specific designs the company has successfully created a niche for itself in the industry. They also provide software support which simplifies custom scale instrumentation, connectivity and vehicle
management. Digital Weighing Systems has an integrated manufacturing unit in Chhattisgarh which is the only one of its kind in India, helping them create products which are widely appreciated and accepted in themarket for their simple configuration and efficient working.

The customer centric and application based designs helped Digital Weighing Systems to become a trusted name in the weighing activities. The uniqueness of the company is in its ability to create products that are able to meet the requirements of any company irrespective of the nature of their operations or their size. Another key aspect which sets them apart from the rest of its competitors is its advanced research and development center located in Chennai that enables Digital Weighing Systems to create sophisticated systems and instrumentations which is one of the best in its class. This reputation for providing long lasting costeffective products aided the company to acquire clients like Coal India Limited, Indian railways and numerous other NTPC's. Digital weighing systems are also the first Indian company to develop Indigenous in motion railway bridges without any foreign technical collaboration.

With tamper proof products and class leading after sales services to their clients, Digital Weighing Systems has managed to scale unprecedented heights in the weighing equipment manufacturing industry

Spread across India with 28 branches across the country, Digital Weighing Systems is a recognized name in its domain."We have got 200 plus specialized engineers strategically located throughout the country. This helps us to redress our client's grievances withmin a short span of time. Our response time is 12 hours and it is one of the best in the industry. This allows us to improve our already good after sales services and elevate our relationship with the customers to a whole new level",says, Akhil Nath, director, Digital Weighing Systems.

By considering their employees as their strong point and providing tamper proof products and class leading after sales services to its clients, Digital Weighing Systems has managed to scale unprecedented heights in the weighing equipment manufacturing industry. The company was honored twice with national awards for their quality and outstanding entrepreneurship capabilities. Digital Weighing Systems has also received the creativity and innovation award for small enterprises. However, the company is not planning to rest on their past glory. Digital Weighing Systems has already charted its future course to develop their brand name. "As a company we have predominantly served government companies till now but in the future,we are planning to expand our reach into the private sector which will allow us to improve our clientele",concludes Akhil.