Dinearth: Making India Dine Eco-friendly

Harsh Mehta,PartnerThis is an era where humongous amount of plastic and non eco-friendly products have been making its way from homes to the streams and ending up in big water bodies. The huge accumulation of non biodegradables in water and land has been slowly affecting the habitat of species, along with humans. For India, recent efforts taken by the central government with the abolishment of single use plastic products can reflect possible impacts in the global front. With a strong determination to create smart, safe, and pure Earth, Dinearth is one of the manufacturers based in Mumbai that caters to the production of decomposable table ware. With its manufacturing unit located in the union territory Daman, Dinearth has its products distributed across India.

Achieving the Best Out of Bagasse
Dinearth has been using sugarcane waste, Bagasse, as the eco-friendly and biodegradable substitute for its products. The company stuck adamantly on 100 percent natural and durable manufacturing of its products. Some of the unique features of Dinearth's products will be its water and oil resistant capabilities. Moreover, the products are made microwave and freezer friendly
for people to embrace the use of eco-friendly products in day-to-day usage. Dinearth's portfolio of products includes containers, bowls, trays, cups plates, paper straws, and wooden cutleries. The company distributes its products across India through its distribution channel comprising over 100 distributers. Furthermore, the social media presence of Dinearth also connects relevant customers with the product. The company has envisioned creating a new age for reusable and recyclable products so that a managed and sustainable eco-friendly environment can be achieved. "When you make something eco-friendly, everything has to be natural in its process. We are trying our best to keep the price low in contrast to that of plastic suppliers. This can replace the entire system byallocating the government with an alternative solution for plastic. This is a transition phase" states Harsh Mehta, Partner, Dinearth.

The products are made microwave and freezer friendly for people to embrace the use of eco-friendly products in day-to-day usage

With a number of schemes and programs initiated by both central and state governments, the necessity for more biodegradable products has marketed its need by itself. Having a B2B model, Dinearth does not manufacture products in a very small scale for direct sale to retail market. The company possess an entire distribution channel ecosystem, that startswith supplying products to the distributers. From the distributors, it goes to the retailers, and finally reaches the end user. Other than distributer channels, Dinearth also has clients as MNCs and airports where the same products are supplied. The company also supplies a full range of products for a number of renowned food giants. The firm has a three level quality check that starts right from the production unit, maintained through packing and dispatch. Keeping innovation resound with the increase in productivity, the company has witnessed a 100 percent increase in its capacity to produce quality products. Due to the high market demand and growing awareness of climate change, the entire country needs to replace plastic products with eco-friendly biodegradable products. Dinearth has projected a 50 percent increment in its revenue growth from last year. The company foresees to become one of the leading manufacturers of biodegradable products in the succeeding years.