DivyaSaksham Infratech: Simplifying and Streamlining Business with High-Tech Solutions

Divyam Srivastava,Managing Director

Divyam Srivastava

Managing Director

The tireless efforts of global market to catch hold of repeating data breach and fraudulent documentations by embracing technological innovations and enhanced data integrity, unfold new arenas in digital segment. Many businesses have begun reaping the benefits of digital signature, leveraging the advantages of scalability, increased data security and transparency that traditional paper based documents simply can’t offer. According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Digital Signature Market is accounted for $662.4 million in 2016 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 30 percent to reach $3209.4 million by 2022. With the on-going initiatives of Digital India, India Stack and DigiLocker, the Indian market also poses as positive outlook as global market for digital signature. Cashing on this opportunity, Lucknow, UP based DivyaSaksham Infratech Private Ltd (DSIPL) is leading the edge in digital signature field in India with technology driven and comprehensible solutions. DivyaSaksham Infratech Private Ltd is a Registered Start UP in Updesco under Department of IT & Electronics Government of Uttar Pradesh.

DSIPL is a Licensed Registration Authority Associate for providing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)Services of eMudhra and Sify Safescrypt with excellent backend technical support of Pinnacle Technologies to the clients. The firm
issues Aadhar based DSCs and also server generated DSCs by applying biometrics of clients in both government and private sectors. Divyam Srivastava, Managing Director of DSIPL points out, “Our DSC process is in compliances with the standards of CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities) and CA (Certifying Authority). We issue Aadhaar based DSCs to the customers in 15-20 minutes after capturing customer biometrics successfully and deliver server generated DSCs in just 24 working hours where others take more than 3-4 days just to collect the documentation from client side.”

DSIPL is a Licensed Registration Authority Associate for providing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Services of eMudhra and Sify Safescrypt with excellent backend technical support of Pinnacle Technologies to the clients

The unique selling points of DSIPL are speedy issuance and adoption of clear and transparent customer documentation policy. With the help of technology, they are venturing into new developments within the Digital Signature segment to ensure maximum efficiency in documentation. “We have launched a bulk of PDF Digital Signing Software named as ‘optPDF Signer’. With this system, customer can sign single or multiple PDFs using Digital Signature Certificates. This product can bring in ease of large data management at enterprise business model. Implemented as a trail version, now, the product’s methodology involves simple system: it extracts signing
certificates from eToken and digitally signs the PDF to the location as per the customer requirements,” says Srivastava. OptPDF Signer has been built with user friendly features for customers to certify easy digital signing on PDFs.

Over the last four years after inception, DivyaSaksham had an impressive growth with cumulative turnover of approximate 50 lakhs. In Uttar Pradesh, the company has delivered more than 3000 DSCs largely in PFMS, eProcurement, DDO Interface, Scholarship areas and with eOffice applications. Srivastava explains, “We are offering Digital Signature Certificates to UP Government Bodies such as UP Civil Secretariat, Treasuries and Pension Directorates under Finance Department, Board of Revenue, Social Welfare Department, Women and Child Welfare Department, and many more in the UP State along with Telecom Enforcement and Resource Monitoring Cell under Department of Telecommunications and Income Tax Department, Government of India and extending our services to many others too. We receive regular technical assistance, guidance and support from National Informatics Center, UP Unit to carry out smooth functioning of processes in association with Government bodies.”

As the Digital Signature platform is evolving rapidly, the company strives to adapt itself with latest technologies and through their project in close connect with eMudhra, company wishes to come up with more innovative enterprise business solutions that can create a history in UP State. While keeping the pace with the digital trends in the sector, DivyaSaksham aims to transform UP to a Big IT Giant by collaborating and accommodating all best practices and principles from Government to Industry.