Diycam: Equipping Clients with Sophisticated Stand-alone, Affordable Wireless Cameras

Gagan Randhawa,CEOWhen Mrs. Randhawa was having second thoughts about the tedious CCTV installation process that begins from drilling holes and laying long cables in their new home, her husband Gagan Randhawa (CEO) decided to ship Dropcam, a cloud-based plug & play camera from U.S. Soon he realized that he stumbled into a lucrative entrepreneurial opportunity, as he found that there is a dire necessity for an advanced wireless camera that could work despite the unstable power & internet issues in India. This led him and Deepak Singh Rahangdale (Co-Founder) to incept Diycam in 2015, which develops sophisticated stand-alone, affordable wireless cameras with a Do It Your self concept of plugging in the camera, configuring it via Wi-Fi and installing the Diycam app on mobile phone–there by eliminating the hefty installation cost as well.

Gagan professes, “Since the launch of the first prototype of E 37i 12 months back, we’ve sold 5000+ CCTV cameras with commendable quality and lower prices that are absolutely simple, highly durable and easy to use”.
Besides its paramount customer support, incorporation of great picture quality, night vision, motion detection, live recording, & the revolutionary two-way audio into its products makes Diycam stand out from the rest. Acquiring funding from Times of India Brand Capital and becoming a part of FV & Amazon Launchpad are a few quantum leaps in Diycam’s journey.

Diycam team leaves no stone unturned to cope up with the emerging trends & technology and share them with each other through weekly discussions

Efficacious Monitoring and Surveillance
Catering to abundant needs like baby monitoring, home & office security and shop surveillance, Diycam has introduced three stand-alone cameras namely E 37i (Wireless Security CCTV Camera), E 91i (Rotating Wireless IP Camera) and X 90i (Outdoor Wireless Waterproof Camera). It has resolved the stress of working parents by developing cameras with motion detection ability to raise instant alerts about the baby’s movements, talk to the baby/caretaker through two-way audio feature, capture baby’s moments during nights using night vision feature, watch & record live videos on mobile phone through Diycam App, store them on SD card up to 128GB and receive automatic notification in phone/mail with the
person’s picture if he’s standing close to the camera. Similar features can be availed from cameras developed for home, office and shop security.

Diycam team leaves no stone unturned to cope up with the emerging trends & technology and share them with each other through weekly discussions. Vigorous testing to assure quality and remotely upgrading each product by constantly innovating on both the hardware and mobile app fronts is a part and parcel of the in-house team’s work. The Diycam’s customer support centre assures that all calls are attended by its directors, issues are resolved regularly and malfunctioning hardware units are replaced with new ones. Servicing products without the intervention of any dealers or distributors has bestowed it with a great deal of loyal B2B customers which paved its way to revenue of $200,000.

The company that launched its own 3600 VR camera a month back, intends to develop cameras that can ceaselessly monitor each activity inside the car to ensure a safe ride for Ola & Uber cab riders. Envisioning integrating AI into their cameras by December, Diycam’s skilled experts plan to develop cameras that can raise gesture alerts when the driver dozes off, automatically slow down the car, alert the neighbouring cars and send remote alerts to a specified mobile number. To amalgamate home security with AI, the Diycam experts are working vigorously on cameras that can recognize the visitor at home during the owner’s absence and message him the visitor’s details over phone.