DT International: One of India's Top Distributors of Electrical and Electronics Connectors and Components

Kamal,    Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

While the pandemic has been disastrous in terms of economy as well as healthcare, another section that was severely hit by the pandemic was the shortage of raw materials resulting in severe inflation in product rates across industries. Coming to electrical and electronics products, the shortage of raw materials during the pandemic has resulted in an indefinite delay in the supply of raw materials. However, DT International, founded by Ajay Virmani and Naresh Khatri, have managed to arrange good stock with them and have good planning for various items based on customer projection and market demand to cater to their market supplies.

With more than 6 years of company experience, DT International is one of India’s top distributors for JST make parts along with distributorship and services in the sector of electrical & electronic connectors in Faridabad (Delhi NCR). The firm also does the local distribution of Havells household products. By keeping good stock in its precised warehouse it has already planned for coming 2 years based on its customer demands and forecasts. The firm also offers on time product availability for various markets such as automotive, appliance, industrial, lighting, household goods, and so on.

The inception and story so far:
The organization was first started by Ajay Virmani and Naresh Khatri in a 1000 SQ ft Warehouse in 2016. During that time, the organization was doing manual billing and data entry with Ajay and Naresh being the only employees. In 2016-17, DT International had an annual turnover of 12 lakhs and it became 12 crores by 2020-21, which is 100 times the growth gained in 2016-17. During the pandemic, while there have been indefinite delays due to a shortage of raw materials, the firm has been keeping are keeping good stock based on customer projections to cater to the market demand. Even the current workstation of the firm is an 8000 Sq Ft place with an employee strength of 10. The organization has also updated itself to use the latest software from tally based on ERP for billing and data entry purposes. In terms of plans, DT International is also expecting to cross 15 Cr in 2021-22 FY and has a plan to touch 20 Cr by 2022-23 and looking at 50CR group by 2030.

The firm is working with a good approach and trying to add more andmore customers by offering its services at the best price and lesser lead time

Following a client-centric approach:
One of the major reasons behind the stupendous growth of the organization is its customer-centric business approach. The firm is working with a good approach and trying to add more and more customers by offering its services at the best price and lesser lead time. DT International has a list of some reputed organizations as its clients such as Hayakawa Electronics(OEM – Daikin, Nidec, Panasonic), Victor Components(LG, Haier), Elite Electronics(Hitachi, Voltas), Motherson Sumi(Valeo, Suzuki, Toyota) and so on. The firm is also working on attracting more customers by offering various services at the best price and lesser lead time.

Coming to future roadmaps, DT International is an ISO-9001-2015/ ISO-14001-2015 and ISO45001-2018 (OHSAS). The firm is also working with SMERA for rating which will be available soon. With offices in Faridabad as well as Mumbai, the firm is also striving for a more prominent warehouse, on-the-point customer interaction and replies as well as better time management.