EAPRO Global: Revolutionizing the Power Backup Industry in India with Hybrid Solar Solutions

Jagdeep Chauhan,  Managing Director

Jagdeep Chauhan, Managing Director

The power backup industry in India is often segmented as before and after the year 2003. While the conventional inversion technologies failed to produce power above 2 KVA, it was the popularDSP-Sine Wave Inverter Technology, which was invented (in 2003) by Jagdeep Chauhan (presently Managing Director, EAPRO Global Ltd.) – a pioneer of the Indian inverter industry, that changed the game completely by enabling to generate upto 100 KVA of power. Coincidently, after a decade, when the country was starting to go solar with its power backup industry, Jagdeep commenced his second innings by incepting EAPRO Global Ltd. – a research driven organization offering Energy Management Solutions.

Today, the Indian solar inverter market is growing faster & dominated by China with their integrated on-grid hybrid technologies. EAPRO (Energy Automation Product Research Organization) is piloting the rescue operations by developing an award-winning, India’s own On-grid & Off-grid hybrid power inverter technology, along side a whole new
world of innovations in the Solar Power Generation& Automation segment. Developing tomorrow’s technologies today being its forte, no wonder EAPRO has swiftly emerged as a strong company in innovation with more than 10,000 sq.ft.area for Research & Development, and 100,000+ sq.ft. manufacturing area with capacity of close to 50,000 inverters/month in its five different in-house production capacities for PCB assembly with SMT line, Cabinet Fabrication, Transformer Development, Inverter Assembly and Battery Manufacturing, leading with a professional team of 500+ people, having sales presence across 30+ countries including India and catering to 20+ leading OEMs & millions of delighted customers.

"Our R&D Department is armed with 40 engineers, who are driven by the motto of providing customers with ahead-of-the-curve technology"

Breathing Innovation
“We keenly focus on technological developments in the Solar Power Generation. Our R&D Department is armed with 40 engineers, who are driven by the motto of providing customerswith ahead-of-the-curve technology,” asserts Jagdeep. China’s on-grid hybrid technology is a fully integrated complex solution, which makes it irreparable in India. Thus, when EAPRO launched its off-grid hybrid power inverter, it made the product repairable by any trained service engineer. As such, the company has already engendered an array of products that are almost 2-3 years ahead of the market in terms of technology.

The latest innovations that strengthen EAPRO’s portfolio include, but not limited to, Solar
Boost Inverter, Solar Inverter with Real-time Clock Technology(RTC) and Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT), among others. It has also developed a high-tech, low cost solar inverter, providing rural India with an opportunity to reap a fair share of the harvest.

Ensuring Intact Quality
Any innovation, especially in the electrical realm, demands quality, consistency and seamless support services. Thanks to the two decades of experience in Jagdeep’s favor, EAPRO boasts of homegrown automatic test instruments that eradicate the human errors and standardize the quality. It has also deployed homegrown CRM software, enabling its patrons to connect through mobile phones.

Giving Back to the Society
With the current growth rate of 80 percent, several innovations pipelined in the home automation, security & Solar segment to fulfill EAPRO’s vision of making it world’s No. 1 brand in Solar Inverter Technology along with marketing also on the cards, its revenue projections for the next year – Rs.150 crore – makes great sense. Established in 2012, EAPRO is driven by giving back to the society; it’s remote manufacturing location – Roorkee – being a prime example. It grooms local talents in Roorkee to fit the needs. On the other hand, EAPRO’s prospective for CSR is wide enough to cover its major objectives like Health Awareness, Education with inhouse Global Training Centre, and Eco Friendly Environment, besides employment.