EaSol: Presenting Innovations as a Solution for 'Pure' India Dreams

Abhitabh Honap,Director & CEO

Abhitabh Honap

Director & CEO

A sparkling move from government of India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has given a new life to our country's most renowned caption - 'Incredible India'. But hold your nose; it's a stinking fact that 80 percent of India's surface water is contaminated, and a major wedge comes from sewage. There is a huge crater between present generation and treatment of domestic wastewater in our subcontinent.More over, water purification in outskirts is often regressive & inconsistent, and gets compromised due to lack infrastructure support. Thus the alternate resources & technologies to make people savor pure water are desperately entailed. And that is why EaSol Pvt. Ltd., an innovation driven organization that proffer versatile signature-products and services under the Energy & Utility (E&U) domain, became a brand in shut-eye time.

The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of EaSol's flagship water purification products such as PurAll and Dosin-NE has been magnetic.Pur All, a simply designed online purifier, disinfects water through a unique water purification cartridge, while Dosin-NE enables automatic online
dosage, both without using electricity. These effective products suitable for both urban & rural areas bestowed the organization a gamut of opportunities to work hand-in-hand with many forums such as government's health & water departments, rural & urban local bodies, major international and national NGOs, international food joints such as KFC, Burger King, & Subway, and poultries.Collaborating with its partners, the company even made a genuine contribution to Swachh Bharat Mission through an exclusive solution on sanitation. This service milieu well explains how EaSol won the 'Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award' in 2015, awarded by the International Achievers' Conference, and 'Most Innovative Technology' award at the World CSR Congress.

The efficient & effective reflexes to address the critical field situations by charging less make the organization unique and help it stand out from the market combats

"Our flexibility and speed to quickly respond to even smallest of our customers' needs keep us focused," says Abhitabh Honap, Director & CEO, EaSol. The efficient & effective reflexes to address the critical field situations by charging less amounts, and the ability to mold itself according to the demands, make the organization unique and help it stand out from the market combats.With its in-depth knowledge in program and policy frameworks, the company is
now developing new solutions in the space of waste management, on similar grounds.

Bringing Value to the Domain

The story of EaSol began in 2013 with ideas centered on providing 'Easy Solutions' in the space of E&U, thus the name 'EaSol'.It cemented each block with innovations, but cared to remain simple in the sense of technicality. On the way forward, the organization could only strengthen a network of distributors across India, hence today it possesses flexibility to offer turn key-EPC solutions, supply to the OEMs, and even execute operation & maintenance services. Further more, the organization also offers turnkey solutions for sanitation including design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of Tiger Toilet Sanitation Solutions."Our Pur All solutions are offered on a turnkey basis to customers too, with due local support by our distributors," adds Abhitabh. The revenue making process of the firm is sale or milestone based and thus variable from case-to-case.

Young & Wild

EaSol is a young company with an average employee age under 30. The unfaltering attitude of these young breeds helps company challenge conventional ideas. However, Abhitabh's team is busy creating sustainable & innovative solutions and trustworthy brands. A unique solution for solid waste management - Garbikleen is on the horizon and promises to reduce the strain on the public waste management in cities and towns.