EduSwitch: The One-stop Assessment Solution

Neville Katila & Xerxes Katpitia,DirectorsToday, with the rise in online assessments in the educational space, ensuring high quality assessments has become the need of the hour, being extremely vital for several universities, institutions and in the e-learning sphere. Therefore, in such times, having a reliable, cost-effective, risk-free and secured assessment platform is critical to safeguard the authenticity of the exam. This rings true especially now, in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, where the paradigm has drastically been altered.

Recognizing that the future of education lies online, EduSwitch has completely focused its attention and developed a robust assessment platform which is affordable, user-friendly and bespoke, allowing complete customization to perfectly encapsulate the clients' requirements. The company, based out of Mumbai, has developed its AI-driven assessment software to conduct secured online assessments with capabilities that include best-in-standard remote proctoring, auto proctoring and anti-cheating mechanisms, thereby being one of the most secure ways to conduct online assessments.

Easy Integration
Despite the considerable advancement in the assessment technology, there are certain pain points when it comes to integration and ease of use of these kinds of assessment applications, as a result of which, many educational bodies are often times more comfortable with their own existing LMS/assessment platforms, and do not want their students to use third party applications.

EduSwitch's USP is its highly customizable assessment software, which is tailor-made to cater to every need of its clients, to facilitate
the seamless conducting of online assessments. EduSwitch provides a unique solution to easily integrate their assessment platform with the client's pre-existing LMS/Assessment platform.

"Adaptability is our forte. At EduSwitch, we integrate our solution into the client's software, which is extremely beneficial not only to the client, but also to the students taking the exam, who are already well versed with the client's UI of the platform" - Xerxes Katpitia, Co-Founder & Director, EduSwitch.

AI-Driven Assessments
EduSwitch's Auto-Proctoring is an AI-driven automated proctoring system which seamlessly monitors students during the exam. Their proctoring features include face detection, face recognition, multiple face detection, body detection, mobile detection, and book detection & much more.

Neville Katila, Director

Another unique capability of EduSwitch is its viva/audio assessments; a solution provided to conduct audio exams. This capability enables their clients to offer a platform where their candidates canread the question on their device's screen and recite the answer. The entire video and audio of the candidate is recorded and stored in the dashboard, where assessors can view and hear the recordings at a later stage and grade the candidate on the dashboard itself.

EduSwitch's Auto-Proctoring is an AI-driven automated proctoring system which seamlessly monitors students during the exam.

Remotely Proctored Assessments
EduSwitch also offers a remote proctoring solution which enables a student to take assessments from any location while being monitored remotely by an assessor. Assessors can also start a live video conference with a particular candidate at any time and simultaneously communicate with the candidate amidst the examination. "We strive to be the one-stop shop for re-mote proctoring and have devised certain other stringent anti-cheating mechanisms that include geo-tagging, force full screen, and black listing of screen sharing softwares," high-lights Neville Katila, Co-Founder & Director, EduSwitch.