Effe LED Lights: Innovating Smart LED Lighting Solutions for Value Living & Energy Saving

D Ramakrishna, Managing Director

D Ramakrishna

Managing Director

Recording sea change from candles to incandescent lights, CFLs and now LEDs, the world is fast pacing towards smart lighting systems. A bona fide to this headway, Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Smart Lighting’ report probes the growth of IoT consumer applications to 570 million units in 2020. Progressing akin to this momentum since LEDs invention, Effe LED Lights (a division of Efftronics Systems) carved a niche in the lighting industry with its product development experience, R&D expertise and delivers value-oriented innovative lighting solutions, thus running abreast to LED technology.

Pioneered in 1985 under the aegis of D Ramakrishna (Managing Director), Vijayawada-based Effe contrives industrial quality LED lights, fabricated in India to withstand geographical conditions like vagaries of power supply, operating temperature, humidity, dust and insects. Effe’s lighting solutions exhibit world class efficacies of more than 120lm/watt with absolute uniformity and glare free display. Laurelled with CIO Choice Award for IoT 2017, the company embarks upon continuous research to build perfect LED lighting for India illuminating with lights having 10 years of working life.

Power Excellence Flashing Luminescence
Effe significantly offers indoor lights, industrial high-bay lights, street lights, architectural lights, mood lighting and wall washer lights. Adding finesse to its customization facet, it provides illuminated ceiling (skylight) solution that covers the entire ceiling giving smart dream lighting environment to users along with ceiling changeable benefit as per personalized choices. All these products are compatible with Smart Mobile App and Amazon Alexa devices to ensure ambience control. “We also offer unique 95 percent CRI lights for change rooms, dress tables and architectural lighting to enhance the beauty of iconic monuments, landscapes, and many more,” adds Ramakrishna. Effe specializes in turning a customers’ dream lighting to a reality, which is often limited by architects’ knowledge of light effects.

Effe specializes in turning a customers’ dream lighting to a reality, which is often limited by architects’ knowledge of light effects

Since many complain of frequent power failures/fluctuations, poor illumination & efficacy and heat from luminaries, Effe utilizes top-notch LEDs with precise binning to color temperatures and intensity levels, thus delivering value experience. It places stringent QA process, right from inward material inspection to finished product inspection, to ensure quality product deliverables. While all components are imported from world-class manufacturers (semiconductor, connectors, and optical lens), the assembling and soldering of LED modules is done in-house through SMD pick n place machine.
Adhering to ISO 9001:2015, LM79 & BIS regulations, Effe’s product portfolio is designed to follow Efftronics design philosophy of not allowing more than 15OC from the ambient temperatures and derates LEDs to maximize efficiency and lifespan. With its smart controls and sensors integration, the company proffers solutions that exhibit enhanced energy savings and provides five years unconditional warranty on total luminaire with door step service through its centralized customer management cell and 125 service centers PAN India.

Crowning Success with Values
Chiseling the mantra – ‘We don’t sell lights, we sell light’, Effe provides holistic lighting solutions to bigwigs including Dr. Ramesh Cardiac Hospitals &Kamineni Hospitals, BITS Pilani, and ITC, to name a few, and is partnering with consultants/channel partners in multiple regions. Investing exceptionally on R&D, the company graphs an annual turnover of over Rs.77 crore by leveraging its strengths – Smart Cities, Smart Signaling, IoT services and Smart Buildings/Smart Lighting, and envisions expanding its value customer base while steadily growing.

Citing Efftronics success in providing Indian Railways with Data Logger (India’s largest IoT network spread across 9000+ locations monitoring six lacs signaling elements), Ramakrishna concludes, “The philosophy of building robust and fail-safe systems originates from the need to produce such systems for Indian Railways. With 50+ innovations in our crown, our R&D mastered the art of making safe, dependable, efficient and robust products”.