Eggway International Asia: A Leading Brand Meeting the Needs of Consumers with produce their Unique Variants of Egg Products

S. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director,K. Nirmal Kumar, Vice President

S. Krishna Kumar

Managing Director

Over the past two decades, the poultry industry in India has experienced a substantial shift in structure and operation from a mere backyard enterprise to a major industry with the participation of a large number of integrated players. Located in the state of Telangana, Hyderabad is the center of research and development of the poultry industry in India and also the location of major poultry companies.

Established in 2009, Eggway International Asia Pvt. Ltd., is a 100 percent EOU setup near Hyderabad- the egg capital of India to produce various egg products and is a joint venture be-tween French Major ­ Igreca, Sarl Du Ronceray and Kumar's family in India. Eggway has installed capacity to process 2 million eggs per day which is 12 percent of Hyderabad production of eggs which is 16 million eggs. S. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, Eggway International Asia says, "The salient features of Eggway's operations are - State of art technology dual pasteurizer, with both plates and tubes incorporated in the same pasteurizer. It is the only company in Asia to produce all the three variants of Egg products which are Liquid, Frozen and dried. The organization has technical and marketing backup from the largest producer and market leader of egg products in Europe that is Igreca."
As mentioned above, Eggway produces all three types of egg products, which are liquid, frozen and dried, and produces more than 25 varieties of egg products to suit the needs of various customers. And Eggway's distinguishing characteristics are that the company produces niche products exclusively for a Japanese company, which is not produced and marketed by any other company in the world.

Eggway innovates and recognizes the unique needs of the consumer and recommends the relevant items from its collection. And if the requirements and desires of the customer do not fulfil the product range, special products are made along with the quality and development teams for the customers. Further K. Nirmal Kumar, Vice President adds, "As fresh shell eggs were available in abundance and units operating using shell eggs as raw material were smaller in size, there was hardly any company using egg products when Eggway began commercial production in 2012. As we advanced, Eggway encouraged consumers to turn to Egg products, explaining the benefits of using Egg products such as pathogen-free, storage and handling convenience, practical property enhancement and others. From a zero percent in the domestic market in 2012, today Eggway caters to food majors such as Parle, Bauli, Gandour, Gadre Marine, Ulka, General Mills, Sodexo, Tacobell, ITC, Kerry and also to the Indian Army for about 25 percent of its production in the domestic market."

Eggway's distinguishing characteristics are that the company produces niche products exclusively for a Japanese company, which is not produced and marketed by any other company in the world

Some of the clients to whom Eggway offers their products and services are, Internationally Eggway has customers like Unilever, Kerry, General Mills, Tate & Lyle, Sternmaid, Kew-pie, Taiyo and more. In the Domestic segment, the company have customers like Parle, Bauli, Gandour, Gadre marine, Ulka, and General Mills, Sodexo, Tacobell, ITC, Kerry and Indian Army. The Indian Egg processing Industry has necessarily to be accredited by Export Council of India (EIC) under Commerce Ministry and follow their guide-lines, which is established by an act in Parliament. The company has plans to expand its products and services and also has a potential vision for rising its revenue in the next three years.