Elektronika Sales: An Award Winning Solution Selling Firm Focused on Design & Demand Creation

Sunil Hasija,  Managing Director

Sunil Hasija, Managing Director

When the first generation entrepreneur, Sunil Hasija (Managing Director), established Elektronika Sales in 1979 as an electronics component distribution company, he had a great vision in mind – to transform it into one of the most preferred distributors across the nation. Today, under his leadership, this Chennai-based company has six branch offices spread across India and has received authorized distributorship of 75 global brands (NXP, Vishay, PI, Toshiba, Ecos, ROHM, TDK, Kemet and many more), whilst receiving several awards from customers and suppliers for efficient support and excellent performance. Catering to various OEMs in Automotive, Energy, Power, Lighting and Industrial sectors, the company has created its own design house in the field of power & lighting and has large inventory stock of over 12000+ lines.

Quipped to provide hardware and software support to its customers, Elektronika is a solution selling company with focus on design and demand creation. The company offers design support, development & implementation, supply chain, Kitting & SCM, and several other value added services. Its R&D team works closely with
customers and suppliers to understand the upcoming segments and applications, thus enabling the company to stay at the cutting-edge of the industry needs. This helps in creating reference solution for these segments and applications, while offering customized reference solution to support ready-to-go-to-market. “For automotive segment, we have reference solution for EV components such as DC/DC, BMS, OBC (on board charger) and motor control. Our team is working on various applications on BLDC for both automotive and non-automotive applications,” explains Sunil.

"Elektronika has consolidation strength on active, passive and electromechanical components and follows a stringent quality process that starts from material inward"

Maximum Opportunity, Deep Relationship
Focused on Total Available Market of each customer to grab maximum opportunity, Elektronika’s deep relationship with suppliers help it for better allocation for the Indian market. The highly qualified sales, marketing and customer support teams further ensure that this relationship is cemented forever. The company offers end-to-end technical support from block diagram till mass pro release, with dedicated FAE and application team resources. Further, local warehousing and supplying in local currency with credit facility makes it easy for customers to deal with the company.

Elektronika has consolidation strength on active, passive and electromechanical components and follows a stringent quality
process that starts from material inward, where the stock undergoes several levels of quality check, document verification, to barcoding process and then moves to a location controlled warehouse. This environment controlled and monitored warehouse takes care of special components and keeps buffer stock to counter OEM fluctuation in their demand. The company also has its own in-house barcoding and trace ability system which further helps in streamlining the process.

Whether its electric vehicles, IoT products or BLDC, customers are always under pressure for faster go-to-market and limited team bandwidth. But with Elektronika, such issues can easily be kept at bay. The company supports such clients with all parts of their development cycle and mass production to ensure quality and on time delivery. “Our highly qualified order management team focuses on regular customer order forecast and communicates well with the suppliers for timely pull-in and push-out of the materials, which helps us to assist clients in timely delivery,” further explains Sunil.

Believing that the key for future demand is reaching customers on time to address their requirements and provide them value addition to their R&D to reduce the development cycle, Elektronika closely works with them for components selection, reference solution and others. Such strategies have helped the company be on a positive growth trajectory since inception, and the company aims to be a Rs.1000 crore entity by 2022. Elektronika also looks for potential mergers and acquisitions to establish a global footprint.