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Shailesh Shukla,Direct & Co - Founder

Shailesh Shukla

Direct & Co - Founder

We live in a digital age. Smartphones and other digital devices have encouraged a new era of media consumption in India by transforming it into a personal media device. Empowered by on-the-go accessibility and greater control over their viewing experience, digital-savvy audiences in the country are increasingly inclining towards online content platforms over the traditional media.

Delhi headquartered is an online platform that provides a comprehensive global coverage of electronics, technology and the market. is one of the most advanced and interactive websites for practicing engineers and industry professionals in the core electronics B2B domain covering new products, technology, design articles, white papers, market analysis, trends forecast and opinions. The website carries the segmentation of industry verticals and the information there of as well as the digital version of its flagship publication – ELE Times magazine.

Believing in uninterrupted flow of news dissemination, platform ensures real-time compatibility and user friendliness that can be viewed on any
device-be it mobile, android, iPhone, tablet, laptop and desktop. The platform caters to core electronics and application industry of electronics. “We feature new products, technology, design and market on the one side and application market on the other. In the process, we aim to build awareness about a company as they investigate products, parts and services at every stage of the design process. We also write about AI, IoT, high performance Computing and Robotics as well,” informs Shailesh Shukla, Director & Co-founder. caters to core electronics and application industry of electronics.

Inspiring a devoted global audience
With increase in online content readership, finding validated& latest information is a big challenge today. Team ensures the content uploaded in the website are from the verified sources- primarily researchers and design engineers. “We have a dedicated team of editors. Market based stories, surveys interviews, report on national and international events, conferences and technology articles are carried carried-out by our technology journalists,” mentions Shailesh.

Keeping pace with changing distribution technologies, anticipating reader preference and delivering on advertiser demands for measurable result, the website reaches out to top management, technology professionals, purchase managers,
researches and design engineers in the sectors like Core Electronics, Trade Channel, Automotive,Consumer Electronics, Power Electronics, Electrical, LEDs and Lighting, Telecom, Aerospace & Defence, Education, Non-Conventional Energy, Govt. &PSUs.

The Silver Lining
Shailesh is of the belief that the key to sustain in the industry and to serve the audience is continual improvement and improvisation. And this is what exactly the company’s latest endeavour illustrates. The Spotlight on Indian Electronics, a unique annual book carries the information on government policies on electronics and IT (Center and State Government), top priority market SWOT analysis, amongst others. “As the present Government is committed to the growth of electronics industry, sensing the importance of such book, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi sent us a letter of appreciation,” Shailesh informs enthusiastically.

With immense support from individuals and companies, has come a long way since its inception in 2010. The company has recorded a phenomenal growth rate of about 50 percent year on year basis and continues the growth spree.

In the near future, team will be launchinga website on Photonics as it is likely to add new dimensions to computing, communications and Laser related activities. The company further has conceived to initiate television services. “Initially it would not be a broadcasting but internet-based television - featuring science and technology on electronics and its’ application industries,” concludes Shailesh.