Elofic Industries: Leveraging 68 Years of Filtration Expertise to Make Air Purifiers for Indian Environment

 K.D Sahni,  Joint Managing Director
K.D Sahni, Joint Managing Director

Some of the major metros in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata are under the pollution radar. This perhaps should be enough reason for the inha-bitants to invest in air purifiers. How-ever, the import culture with respect to air purifiers (that isn’t manufactured keeping Indian environment in mind) in India raises questions on the quality and the pricing. With 68 years of experience in the filtration industry, Faridabad-based Elofic Industries understands the dynamic nature of filtration process, the perception of the Indian audience, and how the products can be made to suit to the Indian climate and people. “There is nobody using the filtration expertise, but rather importing products from China. We found a huge gap and hence added our decades of filtration expertise to design products required for the Indian market,” states K.D. Sahni, Joint Managing Director, Elofic Industries.

In-House Expertise
Filter is at the heart of a good air purifier. Elofic understands the nitty gritties of filtration and thus designed a 6-stage multi layered media filter comprising of activated carbon, substrate and other layers in it which can filter the PM 2.5 levels, assuring upto 99.99 percent filtration. The ducts present in the purifiers have high holding capacity, which in-turn increases the quality and rate of purification, while ensuring low power consumption (despite running for 24 hours, power consumption is as low as Rs.6/day). Further, the purifiers are designed in such a way that there are no bypass or leakage of unfiltered air passing through the filter, and has setup a manufacturing lab for the air purifier assembling. This makes it a win-win deal for the Indian consumers who experience a dearth in quality products in the market.
"understands the nitty gritties of filtration and thus designed a 6-stage multi layered media filter comprising of activated carbon, substrate and other layers"

This expertise further encourages custo-mization and today, Elofic has the capability to design and manufacture air purifiers that are suitable to domestic spaces of 330 sq. ft to commercial grounds of 2500 sq. ft. Interestingly, Elofic is the only manu-facturer creating air purifiers for cars in India and has a patent for the same.

A Go-To Solution Provider
The team relies heavily on customer feedback and market research to continuously innovate. As the market progresses, the customer demands also divulge into new requests. Elofic takes these diverse demands into its strides and creates bespoke products in its high end DSIR approved R&D centre where the testing are done as per ANSI/AHAM/NRCC standards.
Known for the industry’s best after sales-service, the company has a dedicated toll-free number that helps clients lodge complaints and request demos. As a B2B and B2C channel, the company’s products are sold across e-Commerce platforms like Amazon & Flipkart and stores like Croma, making it further easy for customers to own a product that is Made in India for Indian environment.

Recipient of awards and recognitions by TATA Motors, Royal Enfield, and Maruti, Elofic Industries experienced a 300 percent growth surge in the 2018, just within a year of launching its air purifiers. However, the team is not limiting itself to the number and is focused on a sizable market share in future to come. It aims to expand its product portfolio, add more models, have several new categories as per the customer requirements in domestic as well as commercial realm, while dwelling a little deeper into the car air purification and industrial spaces paradigm.