Emagen TV: Digital Broadcast Agency Combining Creativity, Technology and Location

Chetan Mehan,FounderDigital signage has taken the world by storm, and there is no doubt about it. However, the truth of the matter is that a trend has started where everyone needs to expect increased new applications to step forward. Emagen TV is a brand of Innomasch Media, a turnkey digital signage company, where the organization deals with every aspect of the life cycle of any digital signage implementation. Headquartered in Noida, Emagen TV has over ten years of digital signage network implementation, content management, and strategy.

The organization provides hardware, software, content creation services, network management services, onsite implementation and breakdown support. This helps customers to conduct any aspect of digital signage rollout under one roof. By having the expertise of securing and operating sizable digital signage networks, the organization offers consumers a highly optimized cost of ownership. Emagen TV supplies and operates more than 6,000 digital signage terminals annually, enabling the organization to secure better hardware pricing and reduced software operating cost.

Offers One-Stop Digital Signage Service
Emagen TV's USP has been able to deliver solutions and services that add value to the objective and ensure that it does not create a hole in the clients' budget. Over the years
that the organization has been in existence, it has been able to tweak the software and other services to satisfy the customer's needs at a price point that guarantees the contract acquisition and survival of the business.

The flagship offering of Emagen TV has always been a one-stop digital signage service. The organization provides consumers with the comfort of embarking on their digital signage journey without burning a hole in their budget. In addition to the software suite, the organization offers custom development solutions and onsite service support PAN India.

Emagen TV's digital signage software has been developed to keep the current industry requirements in mind without compromising future developments. The organization's software supports an open API framework. This allows authorized external 3rd party software and IOT systems such as sensors to communicate with the organization's platform and further changes the customer's account via external triggers.

Emagen TV is a brand of Innomasch Media, a turnkey digital signage company, where the organization deals with every aspect of the life cycle of any digital signage implementation

The strict organization testing and stability checks to ensure that whatever new feature the organization offers the customers is reliable and scalable. Emagen TV is a 100 percent made In India product, whereby the organization provides the customers the peace of mind that their data is stored in India, and not shared with any 3rd party platform (unless authorized by the customer itself).

Upcoming Features and Frameworks
At Emagen TV, the organization is always searching for new features and frameworks to be incorporated into the core software offering. The organization's digital signage vision has always been to make the system smarter and automated, thus striving to ensure decreased human intervention in managing content on displays. “Our year-on-year growth has been very encouraging, and we have been seeing double digit growth in our revenue every year,” says Chetan Mehan, Founder, Emagen TV. General awareness of digital signage has also played a key role in developing the business of Emagen TV. The organization now has more consumers who see digital signage as a required item and not as a luxury item, as it was viewed a few years earlier.