Emkay Food Products: Guiding India To A Healthier And Happier Tomorrow

Mukund Parmar,FounderThe vegan food market has been gaining popularity in India thanks to health-conscious millennials and influencers advocating for a plant-based diet. Additionally, we are seeing higher demand for vegan products, especially given the rise in awareness about their health benefits. Consumption of vegan food is growing in India as more people become aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and take measures to adopt a healthier lifestyle. With the increasing global concerns about climate change and threats to natural resources such as water, land, and cleanair, veganism has increased its popularity among consumers. Vegan substitutes are expected tobe the fastest-growing segment in this market.

Established in 2013 in Ahmedabad, Emkay Food Products is a vegan food company that aspires to provide healthy and cruelty-free food. The firm believes that plant-based eating is the future of good health, and they are committed to the cause. Emkay is an all-in-one plant-based food company that provides the finest, all-natural ingredients and is certified vegan and non-GMO.With numerous tasty products, the firm aims to make veganism easy and convenient for everyone- from the beginner to the seasoned vegan.

Emkay believes in the importance of dietand encourages everyone to include vegan products in their lifestyle to improve their overall health. “Every nutritional book has
mentioned food as a medicine, and one is responsible for his health. There will come a day when people have to accept veganism. Vegan food can reverse diseases. I controlled my diabetes without any medicine only by following a vegan diet”, shares Mukund Parmar, Founder, Emkay Food Products.

The firm offers a wide variety of soy and coconut-based sugar-free products like vegan tea premix, vegan coffee premix, and vegan coconut milk powder. Emkay boasts heavily about its coconut-based vegan ghee which is 100 percent palm oil-free and is the most selling product from their lineup. Since Emkay ghee is vegan, it contains half the amount of saturated fats and twice the amount of unsaturated fats from market standards.

The major roadblock for the vegan market in India is the acceptance of people towards vegan products. The majority of our country is not well aware of what veganism is and how it can take their health to the next level, which has halted the evolution of the vegan market. Mukund Parmar further addresses this concern about adulteration in the dairy industry. A survey in March 2018 revealed that 68.7 percent of milk and 89.2 percent milk products in India sold were not as per government standards. The Government then changed the standards but quality remains the same.

Furthermore, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had also issued an advisory to the Indian Government stating that if adulteration of milk and milk products is not checked immediately, 87 percent of citizens would be suffering from serious diseases like cancer by the year 2025. “After witnessing a very high adulteration in dairy products, our company started working towards creating a ghee substitute and finally launched Emkay Lite in 2018 with a mission for a healthy India and later we came to know that we have made vegan ghee", shares Mukund Parmar. He later adds, “I understood the importance of vegan food, and having received many requests from vegans, I stopped the production of all the other kinds of products and concentrated on producing only vegan food”.

Our products reflect emkay’s commitment to ethical & truthful business practices

Speaking of what lies ahead for Emkay, the founder states, “Our strategy is to continue what we are doing now. We believe in our products and know for a fact that our products have the potential to be number one in this segment. Currently, a small percentage of India is consuming our products, and within no time, the whole country will start consuming them”.