Encraft: Offering HighQuality UPVC Doors & Windows with Customization at Heart

 Avanish Singh Visen,   CEO & Director

Avanish Singh Visen

CEO & Director

As per the recent IBEF study, the Indian real estate industry which was worth $200 billion in 2021, is expected reach the $1 trillion mark by 2030. Also, the industry is witnessing many advancements in technology such BIM, and sustainable buildings. Users now not only want quality at affordable rates, but they are also looking for ecofriendly buildings, not just in terms the building construction but also in the raw materials used during the process. UPVC doors and windows is one such segment in the construction industry that is witnessing a massive growth among consumers in recent times. This can be majorly attributed to the advantages the UPVC materials offer like durability, longlife and sturdiness.

Based in New Delhi Encraft is one of the leading UPVC doors & windows supplier & manufacturer that is setting benchmarks in the industry through its quality, style elegance and innovation. Having a PAN India presence, the company offers tailor-madeUPVC doors & windows to withstand kind of harsh climates. Also, it boasts of a large network of well trained fabricators who ensure customers get the best solutions for their requirements.

"Our client-centric approach has helped us in building a reliable customer base. With a vision to create desire by exploring the boundaries of fenestration solutions, we have combined 40 years of know how in the window industry with advanced technology, high tech machinery, and a strong local/ global presence to ensure maximum
satisfaction to our customers", explains Avanish Singh Visen, CEO & Director, Encraft India.

Customer-centricity & Quality Assurance
Operating an Integrated Management System(IMS), Encraft is ISO9001, ISO140001 and OHSAS180001 certified and makes sure all its operations design, manufacturing, supply, and service meet international standards. Keeping quality as paramount the company has an inhouse tooling design and manufacturing facility, associate training program covering fabrication & installation, inhouse testing facility for weather performance & wind loading, and a state-of-the-art fabricator training school thus ensuring customers get the best for their money.

"Our European technology and constant study of the Indian market, consumer trends, issues gaps, and beyond has enabled us to be at the fore front in the fenestration industry. Right from the time we work with the customer in getting the requirements to positioning a prototype till installation and customer service, we take every care to ensure that our solutions are always customer centric. We take continuous surveys and feed backs and improvise our processes accordingly and of course we also take technology and market trends into the account", adds Avanish.

Our European technology and constant study of the Indian market, consumer trends, issues gaps, and beyond has enabled us to be at the forefront in the fenestration industry

Constant Innovation through R&D
Encraft has made huge investments in its testing facilities, and the window testing area to show how its products are checked for their performance in diverse environments using the KS Schulten test rig, which is the only facility in India. The company is also a pioneer to be ROHS compliant and offer Lead free ecofriendly products. Encraft offers a wide array of products with a very wide color palettes, which ensure ensure 30 percent more energy efficiency.

"Encraft has achieved many milestones following our founder DC Jain's vision, and today, we honor his legacy by continuing the tradition he established one of the highest standards and true artistry. We're true Kaizens with special emphasis of sustainability and reliability. Our solutions are futuristic, and to be frank, we are ready for the future, ready to accept challenges, and ready to go beyond. We've seen steady increase in our client base and our subsequent revenue. We've expanded our infrastructure, R&D, and people base by 50 percent in the last 10 years. We have a solid plan in place for the next decade to be a global leader", concludes Avanish.