Enozi: A New-Age Digital Marketing Agency Emphasizing on Innovation and Relevance

Mohd. Abdul Samad,FounderThe benefit of digital marketing for business lies in the choice of selecting your marketing strategy according to your budget and targeting a broader audience at a lower cost. Even a decade back, it was a challenge to market the products and services, particularly for a small business. Especially, during the pandemic situation, the start-ups and small businesses were the most affected segments, as there were no many mediums available to reach out to the customers.

Digital marketing played a major role in helping the businesses connect with their consumers, but for small businesses, it is difficult to afford digital marketing services. This is when Enozi entered the market and is been providing digital marketing services to start-ups and small companies at a reasonable price. Being a start-up Enozi also had a huge impact on their business due to pandemic, but still, they stood strong in the market and today, it is functioning with multiple projects for several known companies.

Established in 2020, Enozi is a new-age digital marketing agency that focuses on innovation and relevance to targeted markets in the right balance. Their outcome-oriented strategies will assist businesses on digital platforms to build and maximize their brand reputation. To accomplish your company objectives, Enozi combines innovation and technological expertise with strategic planning. As one of Hyderabad's leading digital marketing agencies, the agency unifies digital marketing strategies and build a powerful foundation for their business.

Enozi offers a wide range of digital media marketing strategies such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO
Management, PPC Advertising, Website Development, Influencers Marketing, Graphic Designing, and majorly Branding. Mohd. Abdul Samad, Founder, Enozi says, "I have been in this industry for almost four years now, what I have observed is, in most of the digital marketing campaigns, a major factor that lacks is Creativity.

In India, most of the digital marketing agencies still use the old school models for social media marketing, hence, at Enozi we are trying to bring a shift in this industry by providing creative digital marketing services at an affordable cost. We are also a start-up that was adversely affected by the pandemic, especially when the lockdown was implemented, so we have set a mission of offering effective digital marketing services mainly to such start-ups, who are been struggling due to the current scenario, and our services will be reasonably priced."

The four major factors, why the clients choose Enozi for their digital marketing is Tailor Made Strategies, more emphasize on Creativity, Cost Optimization, and Enhanced Campaigning

The content and creativity are the two major factors that make Enozi stand different and unique from most of the players in the industry. The company is very consistent on branding, they believe the Branding of any product or service is a key aspect in the digital marketing, and through which Enozi is trying to bring a change in the digital marketing sector. When any client approaches Enozi with a certain project or an idea, the company primarily thinks about it from the customer's perspective and, how the consumers and the specific market will accept the planned strategy. Enozi plans their digital marketing strategies based on what do the consumers want to hear from a certain brand.

The four major factors, why the clients choose Enozi for their digital marketing is Tailor Made Strategies, more emphasize on Creativity, Cost Optimization, and Enhanced Campaigning. Some of the major clients the company has served in a very short period of the establishment are Duroflex Mattresses, GLOBYZ, The Yog Project, Saheb ­ Indian Ethnic Men's Apparel, and many more. One of the happy and satisfied client of Enozi, Mohammed Imran Khan, Co-Founder, says ­ "Dear Enozi Team, Thank you so much for the support. You helped in improving our business presence on a social media platform. Through you, we have learnt a lot about Social media marketing and tools. Ads that you have created for us shows that you understood the market requirements of our business."

Mohd. Abdul Samad, Founder
Being a social media expert with an insight of laying an organized strategy Mohd. Abdul Samad have incepted Enozi, a digital marketing company. He has completed MBA from Azad Institute of Management and started his professional journey at a very young age, prior to his current role, Abdul Samad have offered his services in the companies like MediaMint, Kantri Guyz, and ShootOrder.