Enwalk: An Energy Walk Towards LED Illuminated Nation Deploying Renewable Energy Resources

Rahul Nahar,Managing Director

Rahul Nahar

Managing Director

Witnessing more than 250 sunny days in a year, India since the Puranas has always made right investments in deploying solar energy and renewable energy sources. Today, the Indian government is undertaking stringent measures to pursuit green technology and enabling the country’s transition into a fully sustainable energy system. As per the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Renewables Report, solar and wind energy represent 90 percent of the country’s capacity growth and many companies are deploying solar energy to develop lighting solutions in the form of Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs). Taking this energy walk towards green technology, Rahul Nahar (Managing Director) ensconced Enwalk, one-of-its-kind LED lighting company, in 2013 to deliver energy efficient lighting solutions including solar lights, search lights, flash lights and rechargeable emergencies.

Since the rural areas encounter power cuts to no limits, Enwalk developed rechargeable lights and solar lights by understanding their power consumption needs, thus lighting the abodes of many with LED lights. What unfurls the flag of excellence are its durable products that are developed in-house by
employing high-quality plastic moulding, housing, plastic strength and electronic know-how. “All our products have battery protection circuit that controls battery high & low productions that is more important for the product life,” avers Rahul. Additionally, the micro-controllers installed within product’s circuit ensures proper and quality output of mass production.

We have developed small solar lanterns for urban and rural populace that are recharged with solar panels during daytime and used as night lights/lamps

Minimal Power, Maximum Output
Under its gamut of LED products, Enwalk significantly offers search lights and solar lanterns. While the former are long range lights with more than 800 meters of focus and covers more white area, especially designed for farmers, the latter are best for night lighting as they are rechargeable using solar energy. Besides, the company provides flash lights(normal& hanging torches) and emergency lights for urban and sub-urban usage. Lately, the economical series of street lights are edified in small societies, villages, temples and local areas that require more lighting output with less power consumption. When asked about contribution to renewable energy, Rahul elucidates, “We have developed small solar lanterns for urban and rural populace that are recharged with solar panels during daytime and
used as night lights/lamps for less power consumption, thus enabling them to contribute towards renewable energy”.

Enwalk owns in-house plastic moulding facility wherein all the casting and housing from virgin plastic is done by professionals to deliver durable products with unmatched quality. While leveraging micro-controller enhanced mass productions, the company majorly focuses on providing power efficient products by deploying lithium-ion batteries with life more than 100,000 cycles and lasts over five years. Moreover, all the products manufactured are ISI, ROSS and performance certified by the government and ensures clean and green energy output, thus power performance with quality placement.

Walking Towards Green Technology
There’s no denying that in search of budget-friendly LED products, people use local brands imported in India. As the delivery takes more than two months, these products fail in illuminating spaces since low battery life overhauls quality. To mitigate these quandary, Enwalk manufactures /procures its products within the national geography that not only saves time but also allows quick product usage.

Emerging as a prestigious LED brand, Enwalk owns a reputed clientele portfolio and records 20 percent annual revenue growth annually. Headquartered in Pune with 60+ personnel base, the company strongly invests in its R&D domain and has solar street lighting plans in pipeline to diversify its business operations and growth prospects.