Eurotech Design Systems: A Forerunner in the Office Furniture Industry Known for Innovative Approaches

Harshad Mehta,Managing Director

Harshad Mehta

Managing Director

Many changes are taking place in the office furniture industry. Multifunctional furniture is a recent trend that ensures that furniture is used optimally to boost employee productivity. There has been a surge in demand for smart office furniture, such as a mesh office chair with adjustability features to ensure that an individual is always seated in the proper posture and comfort. An easily adjustable backrest allows the user to fine-tune the chair to his sitting posture. In line with this progressive shift in the chair manufacturing industry, Eurotech Design Systems, one of the pioneers in manufacturing ergonomic seating, provides scientifically designed, human-engineered chairs and office furniture that boost employee productivity.

Eurotech Design Systems functions with a strong motto to provide highly durable and reliable products. Eurotech Design Systems, founded in 1988, is now part of a well-established, diversified design and furniture group. Eurotech Design Systems has grown over the years due to its unwavering commitment to ergonomics, design, focus on human engineering, and highend craftsmanship in office seating, systems, and allied furniture. Eurotech Design Systems offers a complete range of furniture solutions with a successful range of seating that stands strong on design, quality, and after-sales service delivering PAN India. The range of chairs, sofas, soft seating, cafeteria furniiture, desks, tables, stools, PODs,
training, education, bespoke furniture, and outdoor furniture are all passionately made with the best of materials and are most trusted for quality and long-standing usage. The meticulous design and inculcation of cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing of the chairs make this firm a unique trendsetter in the industry. Adding more, Eurotech Design systems Managing Director, Harshad Mehta, says,

“The concept of Multifunctional furniture has now matured in recent years, especially since the post-pandemic scenario it has changed the workplace culture with the introduction of working from home. This has resulted in diversified expectations from the clientele. At Eurotech Design Systems, we have inculcated scientific and advanced methodology to design all our products to client requirements that provide a plethora of advantages in terms of body comfort, back support, and a high degree of maneuverability for one to work efficiently. We follow high strength production methodology with the use of foam molding with metal structures and new-age materials, we were one of the first few who introduced the use of spacecraft-grade aluminum for high-strength areas, to add we were also amongst the first to introduce Molded Cushions, Contoured ply, Nylon base, Mesh, all in the house to create a seating that is truly comfortable and long-serving.”

We paved the way to inculcating scientific methods into chair manufacturing

From Traditional Method to Scientific Approach
The concept of office furniture back then, in the ‘90s, was very limited. Specifically, it was designed to serve the sole purpose of the workplace. This very concept of the chair has changed drastically in the present time where the workplace has expanded its physical boundaries. To meet this requirement, Eurotech Design Systems imbibed borderless technologies, such as the inculcation of European design that not only enhances the manufacturing speed but also the quality & performance. The gradual introduction of scientific methodology and psychological demands in design further elevated this industry to its pinnacle. These collective approaches by industry leaders in office furniture led to positive changes in the respective market.

The company’s growth is impressive in terms of market expansion and the introduction of pilot projects in their respective growth disciplines. The culmination of experienced hands and young minds make this firm active and energetic to deal with all challenges in the ongoing journey. With the help of this team, Eurotech Design Systems is looking forward to expanding its business in India and globally.