Eviana Incorporation: Playground Products Providing More Than Just Play

Debabrata Bhattacharya,Director
Debabrata Bhattacharya

Play is the best way for children to learn about themselves, other people and their environment. Play is a good medium for the development of socially relevant activities and imagination by practicing sounds and words through relevant muscle stimulation activities. It also enables the child to learn choosing, sharing, co-operation and how to take turns. Play is usually a multi-sensory experience involving sensations of seeing, hearing and touching, as well as carrying out activities requiring expansive or delicate movements.

Providing such resources and research to develop a child, Kolkata-based Eviana Incorporation proffers playground that builds healthy lifestyles, encourages imaginative play, and creates a place that provides social and physical inclusion for children of all abilities on the playground. Established in 1999 with the mission to bring kids to the green field instead of viewing TV or play video games after their school period, the company designs and manufactures the highest quality playground products, it provides more than just play. Being an ISO 9001- 2015 certified organization, Eviana provides safe and carefully engineered commercial playground equipment that meet or exceed all relevant safety standards. “We consider this to be the best investment for our children, which emphasizes on the green and fantasy revolution to fight TV/video games
onslaught children’s mind and creative ideas,” says Debabrata Bhattacharya, Director, Eviana Incorporation.

Closing Gap between Education & Society
Eviana has created and installed children’s park with creative concept and playing equipment. These parks offer children the daily benefits of direct experience with nature – the motivation to explore, discover, and learn about their world and to engage in health-promoting, and physical activity; thereby offering children a sense of place, self-identity, and belonging as an antidote to social alienation, vandalism, and violence. They provide a valuable resource for closing the educational achievement gap in communities.

"In pursuance of engaging children in innovative and safe playground equipment, Eviana entails highest quality and durability in its material"

In pursuance of engaging children in innovative and safe playground equipment, Eviana entails highest quality and durability in its material. The company ensures the equipment to be tamper-resistant, non-toxic, and advanced corrosion resistant. “All these little details make a huge difference when the materials are to be used by the little ones,” states Debabrata Bhattacharya, Director, Eviana Incorporation. The Tubing and posts of the play equipment are FLO-coat galvanized steel tubing, which offers the most advanced corrosion protection. The metal used in the products ensure a perfect fit during assembly, ensuring no wobbling, warping or
movement,while the tamper-resistant hardware keeps the play area secure.

Maintaining this stand, Eviana, besides incorporating its own manufacturing facilities, also outsources the materials from their associate companies supported by technology and investment by more than 10 such organizations with more than 200 trained staff for the timely execution of the orders. With more than 19 years of experience in children playground equipment marketing and in park development, the company provides multi-dimensional activities in the field of fibreglass (Paddle Boats, Speed Boats, Water Scooter, Fish Tanks and many more), branding, outdoor advertisement and educational consultancy. Eviana specifically involves in the recreation of the environment as an expert and a leader in the field of Fiber-glass innovative decoration products such as murals, cartoon character, idols of famous personalities, and sculptures with abstract design by its staff artists of great reputation.

Continuing the Noble Streak with Free Education
Setting an example for companies at large, Eviana contributes a large fraction of itself to the CSR sector by directly contacting the underprivileged section students for admission in colleges and schools. It also donates books for such students. Working jointly with Ramakrishna Mission and other social service organizations, Eviana has donated food, and winter clothes for children, thereby, taking its noble streak forward.