Excel Maritime: One Stop Shop for Whole Range of EXIM Services

Export and import industry is a multibillion dollar sector in India clocking over 100’s of billions of dollars every year. Every major industry in India needs exporting and importing to maintain their business. Most of the time the problems related with exporting and importing causes major delays and monetary issues for the companies. The most significant reason behind this dilemma is that, many factors must be in place to have a smooth export and import experience. As a result, the need for a specialized consultant in the export import space is growing day by day. As of now, there are many companies that can provide such services; however, the major drawback is that not every consulting firm in this particular space provides end-to-end solution to its clients. Since there are multiple factors playing a key role in the process of exporting and importing, going to different firms for different problems will only worsen the situation. Bridging this gap is Excel Maritime, one stop shop for the whole Range of EXIM Services.

Founded by Muruganandam M and K Deepak Singh in 2006, Excel Maritime has been a consistent service provider in the export import space for more than a decade now. The firm is an integrated service provider and a customer focused organization which undertakes turnkey project services and consultancy services, thus, setting benchmarks in the sector. “All the major industries in India like steel, cement, sugar and power need service industries to support them. We offer our expertise starting from taxation to the clearance and delivery of the cargo. Being an ISO 9001 2015 approved company we have all the necessary certifications and licensing from all the concerned organizations, this makes us a credible brand that the clients can trust”, says Muruganandam M, found¬er, Excel Maritime. Apart from taxation consultancy, Excel Maritime now provide a wide variety of services which includes customs clearance and forwarding, freight forwarding, transportation and flight and ship chartering services.
Muruganandam M,Managing Director
To be a standard bearer in an ultra competitive industry needs proper backing from your employees but getting the proper workforce with the required skill sets and building a desired team was not a cake walk for the firm in the initial days. However, with proper training and counseling along with the implementation of various other measures, Excel Maritime was able to touch the employees’ lives which resulted in them performing at the highest level for the development of the company. This caring mentality of the firm is further showcased in the establishment of Excel Foundation where the company is involving in various social causes on a regular basis. Today, the company’s determination for constant improvement along with the policy of ‘growing together’, has made Excel Maritime a major player in the market. The company has a separate strategic team that helps them to understand even the smallest updates and changes in the industry.

With its clientele including global titans like Caterpillar and Hyundai, Excel Maritime now caters to more than 240 clients

The constant drive to be the flag bearer in the industry has helped Excel Maritime to cater to various other industries like engineering, IT, automobile and even the film industry. Their ability in bringing all the services under one roof with in house experts in engineering, consultancy and accounting has given them an edge ahead of their competitors. With its clientele including global titans like Caterpillar and Hyundai, Excel now caters to more than 240 clients. For the future, the company is planning to increase its networks by starting 50 more branches in India. In the company’s quest of global recognition Excel Maritime is also aspiring to spread its wings across 15 different countries in the coming years.