Eyevex Safety: Blending Integrity & Honesty to Offer High - Quality Personal Safety Products

By Dr. T.K.Udayabhanu,    Founder & CEO

By Dr. T.K.Udayabhanu

Founder & CEO

The Covid-19 disruptions had a positive impact on the global PPE market. The epidemic posed various challenges for industry players, including attracting workers from quarantines, shattered supply chains, and logistical issues in delivering products, which wreaked havoc on demand supply dynamics. On the flip side, it markedly increased the demand forPPE in the commercial and private sectors. Following the relaxation of the lockdown mandates, the market is quickly returning to normalcy. According to research, the global PPE market valued at $77.36 billion in 2020 poises to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% during 2020 - 2028.

Mirroring the growth of an evolving market since 2001, Eyevex Safety stands tall as an epitome in the space with its ability to provide a plethora of PPE that are well accepted and appreciated by customers globally. The company’s business portfolio includes respiratory protection, eye protection, PPE, and spill response. Respirators comen in both disposable & reusable formats and include masks for chemical and particulate hazards.

"Eyevex Safety is a company that takes pride in its products and strives to provide the best possible safety solutions to its customers"

Biological and chemical filtration capabilities are available in masks, where as safety goggles & helmets with face shields provide eye protection. Spill response kits are available in varied sizes to address different types of spills. The PPE includes coveralls, gloves, boots, and hoods. Eyevex Safety PPE complies with European and Indian ISI personal safety standards, with most of the products being manufactured in India and the rest coming from its other factories globally.

“We are a family owned business dedicated to offering high quality PPE products that fit nicely in the customers’ pocket. We recognize the importance of workplace safety, so we’re constantly expanding our product line to make sure we have something for everyone. Our success is directly proportional to our client’s success, so we
provide top notch customer service & support and go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy,” says Dr.T.K.Udayabhanu, Founder & CEO of Eyevex Safety.

Adhering to Strict Quality Control Standards
Eyevex Safety is an industry leader in the personal protection and work wear work wear sectors, and this is due to many factors. But paramount among these, we believe, are is the integrity and honesty with which the company conducts its business affairs. By ensuring that customers know exactly what they’re getting before they place an order, Eyevex Safety has set itself apart from other organizations in its industry. Everyone involved in the process of developing a new product or delivering existing ones gets to participate in the process; there are nosecrets here. This inclusive view helps keep everyone at Eyevex Safety informed and on their toes. The teammates at Eyevex Safety understand how vitally important their role is to the company’s success, and this makes them work harder than anyone else.

Eyevex Safety PPE complies with European and IndianISI personal safety standards, with most of the products being manufactured in India and the rest coming from its other factories globally.

Eyevex Safety adheres to strict quality control standards to ensure the quality of its safety products. Compliance with relevant safety standards is one important criterion.All the products are NIOSH and ANSI certified, and they comply with CE safety regulations. The company also employs a team of skilled engineers who put the products through rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed all safety requirements. The team is committed to providing the highest quality safety products on the market today to its customers. The quality management system is another crucial factor. Also, Eyevex Safety undergoes rigorous audits by independent third party organizations like ISO to look at the manufacturing process and the quality management system.

Implementing New Technologies
Eyevex Safety always strives to explore new technologies to enhance its products. For instance, the company is using a new type of Kevlar that is five times stronger than the traditional material. This increases the durability of the products and allows them to withstand more wear and tear. It also uses a new type of carbon fiber fibre that is lighter and stronger. This makes the products easier to wear and less cumbersome for the user. Eyevex Safety envisions spending the coming years developing new features and expanding its reach to more workplaces globally.The company also intends to appoint 200+ distributors across India to ensure that all Indian workers are protected by high quality and certified PPE at a reasonable cost. Developing a mobile app for its safety solutions and expanding its reach to the educational & hospitality sectors are some of the wishes in its pipeline.

Eyevex Safety is a company that takes pride in its products and strives to provide the best possible safety solutions to its customers. It employs stringent quality control measures, utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, and has a team of skilled engineers who test the products to ensure compliance with all safety standards. The company also has a quality management system in place that is regularly audited by independent third party organizations. With such attention to detail, Eyevex Safety is certain to remain a leading player in the personal safety product market for years to come.