Fabzen Technologies: Transforming Real-Money Games In India To The Next Level

Mritunjay Kumar Yadav,Founder & CEOAccording to several industry reports, almost 17 percent of the world’s total mobile game downloads happened in India in 2020. Furthermore, according to one Statista report 94 percent of gamers in India prefer mobile games. Recently, India has also emerged as the world’s largest Online Fantasy Sports market with an estimated 12 Crore users between 20-40 years of age.

The fact is that everyone enjoys playing games, whether it is for leisure or for a competitive drive. Established in 2017, Fabzen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. aims to bring the best of both aspects to its players/ users by combining fun and ingenuity with a fair and competitive experience.

As a customer centric company, Fabzen envisions to bring its users into the 21st century by crafting fabulous games through a wonderful blend of innovative thinking, and the latest technology. The company has already established itself as an integral player in India’s real money gaming landscape. And now, the sky is the only limit, with the company marching towards inculcating core industrial and lifestyle aspects by blending learning and fun through innovative Gamification apps.

Real Money Games In India And How Fabzen Made A Difference
The gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace, and was valued at USD 173.7 billion in 2020. It is expected to grow much further by 2026, and reach a value of USD 314.4 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 9.64% over 2021-2026. One of the largest growing sectors in the gaming industry is the real money gaming sector.

As a next-gen game publisher, Fabzen Technologies received overwhelming response during the Covid Pandemic days through its very first launch Ludo Empire. The game already has a 43 plus lakh strong verified user base, making Fabzen Technologies one of the frontrunners in the real money gaming landscape of India.

Ludo Empire- The Real-Money Ludo Game Where Skill Is Mightier Than Luck
Since its inception, Fabzen has always aimed at ensuring that people always understand that there are skill based games that exists too. The company has always tried to keep luck as far from the game as possible. The reason being, when people think of real money games, they quite often think of the term ‘gambling’. During a recent interaction with the Editorial Team, Mritunjay said, “Our whole perception of real money games is to show people that skill is what matters the most in our games. Luck is a very irrelevant thing. As long as you are skilled at the game you are playing, you will definitely be rewarded for it”.

Ludo Empire, by Fabzen Technologies is a multiplayer live gaming platform where various players compete each day to top the leaderboard. "Given the circumstances that arose years ago with the lockdown and the pandemic, people needed more avenues of entertainment to connect with their family and their friends. This is why Ludo Empire really took off. People believe that these are the kind of games that can keep them close to their roots of entertainment", further reiterates Mritunjay Kumar Yadav, Founder and CEO, Fabzen Technologies.

Ludo Empire has transformed the way we
play the favorite board game of our childhood by introducing a unique ingame feature called ‘Fair Play’ that guarantees the same set of numbers to both the competing players after 5 initial randomized throws of the dice.

Here's How The Fairplay Feature Works:
Let's consider two players (A & B) playing Ludo Empire. The dice generates a random pool of 5 numbers for each player that both get in their first 5 turns. Once the 5 turns are over for each player, the numbers are reversed. This implies, in the next set of 5 throws, Player B will get the number in his/her first turn that player A threw in his/her 5th turn.

This is disclosed to the players before they even play the game. The players thus know that since his opponent has got a certain set of numbers in a row, he/she can expect the same numbers in the reverse order in his/her next five turns. This allows the players to plan their moves ahead and be aware of the numbers they will get,hence, completely eliminating the luck factor out of the game. This makes it a game of same numbers and equal chances to win. It’s up to the players to decide the course of action of their pawns.

Keeping this as a starting point to create a brand name for itself, Fabzen is further venturing into online cricket and card games

Evolving Beyond RealMoney Games: Creating A Better Life For Everyone Through Gamified Learning
Going forward into the future, Fabzen Technologies is on a mission to introduce learning and fun through innovative Gamification apps. On this note, Fabzen Technologies is already oncourse to launch a brand new gamification app which revolves around the Indian Stock market. To be launched soon in the Indian Play Store, the Stock market app named Stock11 Empire will enable users to participate in Stock market contests, based on live market metrics, with a bare minimum deposit, as low as just a hundred bucks. Stock11 is a great way for beginners to learn about the Indian stock market, as well as for prospective investors to check their stock market knowledge & predictions without burning a hole in their pockets.

And, This Is Just The Beginning!
Fabzen Technologies has a very happening schedule for the immediate future as the Game Developers are on the brink of coming up with 20 more equally engaging real money gaming apps, which includes Quiz Empire a comprehensive online trivia platform to earn real money, Cricket Empire a fresh approach in creating the dream team to earn cash, and many more.

Fabzen’s ultimate vision is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled innovation and gamification.

Backed By A Dynamic Team Of Innovative Thinkers & Go-Getters
As an equal opportunity employer, Fabzen Technologies is composed of young & dynamic professionals hailing from all the four corners of India, right from North India and Kerala to North-east India. This makes it one of the fastest growing inclusive startups in the Gaming industry.

The Core leadership team at Fabzen is composed of experts & creative thinkers having vast knowledge across diverse industries featuring Game Development, Creative Designing (UI & UX) & IT. Together, the Fabzen family is idea-driven, working with a strong focus on design and user experience to create a Fabulous Future for All!!

Mritunjay Kumar Yadav, Founder/CEO, The Force Behind Fabzen Technologies
Fabzen Technologies was founded in 2017 by Mritunjay Kumar Yadav (MD/CEO) with the aim to create one of the most unique and ingenious gaming platforms available to people. After finishing his schooling from a government school in Bihar, his first exposure to computers was while pursuing B.Tech in Pune. After working at various private companies and MNCs, Mritunjay was quick to identify the industry trends in the IT sector and realized the untapped potential of the Real Money Gaming market in India. His vision to amalgamate a fun gaming experience with a secure and competitive skillbased platform, led to the creation of Ludo Empire, India’s fastest growing skill-based ludo game, under the banner of Fabzen Technologies. As an individual, Mritunjay is inspired by the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and his father and he also takes a lot of inspiration from the writings of Osho. He believes that free and equal education will change our country for the better, where everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow.