Fantafeat: Enhancing Gaming Experience for Game Fanatics

Pradipsinh Solanki, Bahadur singh & Rahulsinh Bihola,Managing PartnersThe fantasy games industry is a billion dollar industry targeting a worldwide user base across all ages and genders. One doesn’t particularly need to be a gaming freak to be a participant, such is the frenzy among people worldwide. As a matter of fact, fantasy game applications are one are the major reasons to keep people hooked to their phones, besides social media. Fantafeat is a fantasy sports platform owned by Fantafeat Enterprise, run by 4 partners Pradipsinh Solanki, Lal Bahadur B Singh, Bhavdipbhai P Parikh, and Rahulsinh Bihola. Established on 10th September 2020, and headquartered in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the company launched its application on 26th December 2020.

Seeing the frenzy worldwide, especially the passion for cricket and other sports, Fantafeat launched its platform, supporting the technical expertise it had in the segment. This USP of the company is that it brings together the fun of gaming with ethical gaming practices ensuring fair play. The user centric platform provides the transparency and commitment to managing the socio economic effects of its operations responsibly while also keeping in line with the user’s expectations.

Users & Influencers are the Brand Ambassadors
“Till date, we have not done any publicity on TV Advertisement or Paid promotion. Users & Influencers are our brand ambassadors”,
says Rahulsinh. Due to the beneficial referral system, honest & transparent approach, and word of mouth, the company plans to target growth and popularity.

Fantafeat promotes Fair Play Policy that is an integral part of the terms and conditions governing the platform. With this policy and rules in place, it ensures high and fair standards, competition, skills, and sportsmanship. Accordingly, the Policy sets out mandatory standards of conduct that are expected from users of the Platform and discloses, without limitation, specific measures implemented to ensure the afore said standards on the Platform.

Due to the beneficial referral system, honest & transparent approach, and word of mouth, Fantafeat plans to target growth and popularity.

Fantafeat supports multisport fantasy gaming that rewards its users with no expiry and instant withdrawals. The tournament leader board gives a heads up to the competition with live scores and statistics. The user friendly interface and the 24x7 Customer Support top it all, concerning all that covers a good customer experience.

Fantafeat has all the technical expertise when it comes to gaming. Some of these are comprehensive inbound attack protection including the OWASP Top 10, Builtin caching, compression, and TCP pooling to ensure security without performance impacts, identity based user access control for web applications, ability to bootstrap and auto scale with automated and clustered deployments using CloudFormation templates, DDoS Protection. Fantafeat ensures high availability, SSL offloading, load balancing, Content routing, Logging, Monitoring, and Reporting on the platform. LDAP/RADIUS, Client Certificates, SMS Passcode, Single sign On, Multidomain SSO, ensure ultimate authentication.

The level of the gamers is identified on the platform. i.e. beginners, Intermediates, and experts, and accordingly the game is dedicated.

Planning To Feature Live Feeds & Realm MatchUp
Fantafeat has product specific plans for future growth. It is coming up with other sports and skilled board games to add to the segment. “What more can a sports fan ask for if he can switch from fantasy mode to the real mode on the same fantasy sports platform?”, says Rahul sinh. Pertaining to this and keeping the performance of the virtual teams, the company plans to feature live feeds of the real matchup in the near future.