First Toyz: Establishing a Toy Ecosystem that Focuses on Selling Toys that Promote 360-Degree Growth of Children

Sangita Pandey,  Founder & CEO

Sangita Pandey

Founder & CEO

According to the Toy Association of India (TAI), the industry is expected to grow by 30 percent annually, with imports still accounting for more than 55 percent of Rs 6,000 crores worth Indian toy market. Toys and games have the potential to improve a child's cognition, imagination, creativity, and problem solving abilities. The belief that toys are essential for a child's overall development is one of the major driving forces behind the growth of this market. The gamification of toys helps kids learn intuitive concepts through fun activities and ensures that they continue to learn while enjoying them selves.

Firsttoyz was conceptualized in the year 2021 and started its operation in early 2022 to provide Cognitive and STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) toys and at the same time ensure that the toys are safe for children. During COVID, the founder of Firsttoyz realized that children of growing age were using display devices at the same rate as adults, which led to increased screen time and was affecting children's health. The foundation of the firm was put down to address the concerns by offering handpicked toys to genuinely engage kids in gaming while also fostering their development and cutting down on their screen time. Sangita Pandey, the Founder & CEO of Firsttoyz states that, "The selection of age appropriate toys can help in the overall development of a
child, and hence the idea at Firsttoyz is to help parents choose the right toys for their kids to inculcate more creative and critical thinking skills".

With an aim to promote smart learning and growth Firsttoyz offers a wide variety of products including STE(A)M toys, toys for cognitive development brainteasers, puzzles, and activity books, including school essentials. STE(A)M toys satisfy modern parents' desire it gives their child an all sphere of learning while preserving their sense of childhood as the early days of childhood are crucial for holistic development. The firm provides toys designed and created by highly qualified professionals with an eye toward all facets of the kids' practical learning. All items on the Firsttoyz website are put through a litmus test, and the founder herself takes a personal interest in shortlisting the best items based on the following standards Product Safety Quality Check Engaged Learning, and Competitive Pricing.

Firsttoyz is a unique platform where we concentrate on onboarding toys that aid in a child's growth and development while also making the experience memorable and joyful

First toyz provides toys that are more than just playthings and can contribute to a child's holistic learning. It ensures that the children have access to toys that reflect their home land's culture, history, and moral principles. These distinctive characteristics set them apart from other players in the market. The firm focuses more on its UVP(Unique Value Proposition)than its USP(Unique Selling Proposition) by ensuring the range of toys for the benefit of the next generation. "Firsttoyz is a unique platform where we concentrate on onboarding toys that aid in a child's growth and development while also making the experience memorable and joyful. Through this endeavour, we hope to bring all STE(A)M and cognitive toys to a single platform, which wasn't yet available", says Sangita.

Apart from providing the finest online toy store experience to the customers, Firsttoyz also plans to expand aggressively in the coming years by opening physical stores that will serve as both delivery hubs and experience centers. They will enable swift last mile delivery and an increase in product accessibility for customers. "We envision Firsttoyz to be one of the leading online toys platforms for our authorized partners, where they can directly on-board approved products and manage them while ensuring that the products are bringing positive changes in childhood development", quotes Sangita.