Flying Machine Elevator Ind.: Manufacturing Low Price & High Quality Customized Elevators with Real-Time Monitoring

Surender Kumar ,Managing Directors
Surender Kumar, Managing Directors
While most of the people scour for modernized elevators, Flying Machine Elevator Ind.(Estd.2014) develops, manufactures, installs, modernizes and services elevators at low cost and high quality by conforming to customers’ requirements. For instance, the hydraulic lift systems at Flying Machine are tailor-developed pit less eliminating the need for slab cuts, floor-cutting and digging or headroom less avoiding headroom space in the shaft or in tune with any demand of customers. What demarcates FM’s elevator systems is their state-of-the-art Internet Monitoring System that allows owner/user to monitor all elevators on one screen from any location of the world, Generate commands and speak with passenger remotely. This system also furnishes a real-time overview of status, demand, traffic performance and availability of each elevator as well as comprehensive reports on number of elevator calls per floor, waiting times, time to destination, alarms and many other entities. “To further incorporate the nuances in customers’ preferences,
we provide a unique application that lets them to customize the interior and exterior of lifts based on their choices,” states Surender Kumar, Managing Director, Flying Machine Elevator Ind.
High Performance Elevator Systems
Manufactured on the streaks of green technology, FM’s elevators utilize an integrated elevator controller system that ensures jerk-free ride, direct landing, noise-free running, easy handling and above all low power consumption. “The users of our lifts (Traction/hydraulic) are provided with complete access to utilize them better and also ongoing preventive maintenance services with zero call back system to assure utmost safety, sustain performance and enhance lifespan of lift systems,” explains Inder Kumar, Managing Director, Flying Machine Elevator. Interestingly, the firm is proud to have developed a unique over speed governor system for Mahindra & Mahindra’s conveyor belt worth Rs.100 crore and was also recognized for executing Rs.1.47 crore worth work in minimum time for UPRNN Ltd.

"FM’s elevators utilize an integrated elevator controller system that ensures jerk-free ride, direct landing, noise-free running, easy handling and above all low power consumption"

Right from the basic passenger elevators for buildings to auto door & manual door elevators for hospitals (Residential or Commercial type), Flying Machine takes into account the exact business and building needs of clients. The firm also provides freight elevators based on weight and volume of goods and dumb waiters or food lifts for transporting lightweight (50-100 kg) freight across floors in any building. These elevators (max 64 floors) can achieve speeds up to four m/s and undertake group
operation up to eight lifts. Moreover, they come with both options of machine room and MRL (machine room less) which decreases energy consumption, reduces cost, gives superior performance and operates at faster speeds.

Inder Kumar, Managing Directors
Safety Standards
Strictly adhering to EN 81-1 electric lifts standard, Flying Machine elevators utilizes its detailed instructions for standardized installation and maintenance of lift safety equipment, electric safety devices, guide rails, landing doors, car doors, weight systems balance and device operation. With a comprehensive formula, the firm is capable of calculating lift’s bending stress based on its balancing weight, position of guide rails and distribution of rated load. Flying Machine also follows various international lift specifications and offers minimum one year guarantee on all lift parts and four years warranty over main motor.

Reaping revenue of Rs.2.7 crore last FY, the firm envisions to grow around 400 percent in the present FY and relish a turnover up to Rs.10.5 crore in the upcoming years. By staying abreast of the technologies in elevator industry, the firm is striving to frame the best solutions to its customers.