Service Force: Endeavouring To Build-On & Revolutionize The Automobile Services Sector

 Hitendra Joshi,   DirectorEvery industry aims for the highest level of customer satisfaction today, providing for the consumer needs. Well, manufacturing and delivering innovative technology products automotive industry is no different. Given the fierce competition, building on the disruptive and mutually reinforcing trends of autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity, and shared mobility(AECS), the automotive landscape has tend to become an aggressively growing industry today. Though this shift from traditional to disruptive technologies and innovative business models has poised it as a pivotal force in today’s dynamic transport and logistics landscape, the industry is still lagging due to its lacking in automotive service delivery.

To equip to such automotive service delivery bracket, SERVICEFORCE is one company that stands signified. In the current fast and competitive lifestyle & business era, when people are short on time to be available and seek the maintenance service, SERVICE FORCE is a multi-brand two-wheeler service management company that comprehends the diverse automotive service needs of the population across PAN India cities through its franchises. “In India, the population of two-wheelers exceeds 25 crores, and the industry size is more than one lakh crores when taking into account the cost of maintenance and service ratio. It only indicates that there is a huge room for growth and profit in this market. We began operations in Rajkot, Gujarat, in the year 2011 with just two workstations, and since then we have grown to become India’s largest multi-brand two-wheeler service management company”, shares Hitendra Joshi, Director.

As one of the leading company providing Automobile solutions company in the country SERVICEFORCE offers of automobile services including Home Service, Breakdown Support, Accidental Facilities (support for insurance claim settlement and repairing on vehicle accident) and Maintenance for all types of two-wheelers. Taking on the challenge to thrive and operate in this extensively unorganized sector, SERVICEFORCE strives to better service the clients with value additions like pick up and drop, prep down support, insurance PUC in the service itself, and all this stuff. The company is also very aware and keen in providing Technical Support to consumers in case their vehicle stops in the radius of four kilometers of SERVICEFORCE station. The, team always reaches out to the assistance within 30 minutes of issue registration.

Over the years, SERVICEFORCE’s service delivery concept is pretty unique and has created a revolution in the concepts of two-wheelers maintenance. It has transformed the automobile service station into state-of-art, hi-tech, fully equipped workshops just like automobile clinics offering single-window solutions for all two wheeler problems. The company epitomizes the highest standard in two-wheeler service across the globe.

In its first year itself, SERVICE FORCE received 88 lakhs rupees advance payment only for the commitment of its services. The company has even entered into an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the largest oil enterprise in India, and due to that partnership, SERVICEFORCE now even
has its own set-up of service stations operating out of IOC’s fuel station premises since 2016–17 fiscal year. Today, SERVICEFORCE also holds partnership with Tesla. Given this richness in its services landscape, almost all petroleum companies are prepared to offer SERVICEFORCE the same concept after observing a considerable increase in customer satisfaction, MS & lubricant sales. In totality, expanding its wings to scale up throughout India, the company has expanded to 390+ franchise stores after seeing dazzling success in Gujarat first. One of the key factors in SERVICE FORCE’s growth is that it follows a process-driven approach and upholds ethical standards, which keeps its franchisees and consumers satisfied & safe”, shares Hitendra.

One of the key factors in SERVICEFORCE’s growth is that it follows a process driven approach and upholds ethical standards, which keeps its franchisees and consumers satisfied & safe”, shares Hitendra

The Plus
The company strives to better serve consumers introducing two packages AMC & Pre-paid Card that are Annual and Quarterly, respectively. As Annual package includes Pick up & Drop, Break Down assistance, Accidental Support, PUC Free, Discounts on Spares, 4 Complete Services with 21 check points, and Reminders; Pre-Paid Card provides Complete Service with 21 check Points including Engine Oil. In the SERVICEFORCE products list, we can source Spare Parts, Lubricants, and Accessories. Acknowledging any machine’s complete maintenance is important for its entire functioning, the company ensures to provide genuine quality goods through a broad selection of option in spare parts, accessories, and lubricants for almost all types of two-wheelers riding on Indian roads with the best OE type compatibility at reasonable costs. Especially SERVICEFORCE’s lubricant (4T 20W-40 motorcycle oil) designed with a popular lubrication device for the engine and transmission significantly boosts the performance of motorcycles and automobiles, on-road, given its excellent shear stability, lubrication, exceptional thermal stability, optimized wet-clutch performance, excellent low-temperature flow, and other factors. In the SERVICEFORCE serviced bikes, consumers can charge any USB-powered unit, and hence, iPhone, iPod, Android, and other smart phones are all compatible that too with the ability to charge fastly.

The affordable service charge leveraged by the experienced mechanics here seems to be cherry on the cake. The company is also engaged in the Training & Development at SERVICEFORCE aiming to revolutionize the future of Automobile Service Sector. Marked as Rider’s Zone, there’s a drop down list comprising some important Maintenance Tips (for Engine Oils, Battery, Spark Plug, Brakes Care Tips, Chain Maintenance Tips, Air Filter Care Tips, and General Tips) for the consumers to care for their two-wheelers and avoid huge damages. “We operate our own CRM system, which incorporates live broadcasting for both clients and investors. In addition, we have our own mobile application that offers online resale facilities, reminder and feedback systems, service histories, and much more. For convenient contact, we have our own toll-free IVR facility and chatbots that guarantee clients will receive assistance”, mentions Hitendra.

Growth & Future
SERVICEFORCE has a reputation for setting trends in the chosen domain, and it is now focusing on large scale service facilities with cafeterias and other customer engagement activities. Having grown valuably overs the years following the strategically formulated systematic processes makes it just going on and building on its capabilities, while abiding by the ethical practices, and believing in giving back to the society. The company as a brand and operator has received many awards and accreditations for its various achievements. In 2011, it had received recognition from the global news organization BBC World. They prepared and played a documentary highlighting the path-breaking services it provided. Even SERVICE FORCE’s case study is listed in the Harvard Business School’s curriculum. Also, in 2015, CNBC Awaaz acknowledged and accredited it for the noble efforts being put in by the company to help society generate numerous job opportunities. A case study representing SERVICEFORCE’s efforts has been published in the book Roots to Routes, a publication by one of the India’s top publication houses.

Though the journey has been a roller coaster ride for SERVICEFORCE but its enriching factors are reckoning for the Automobile Service sector and they aspire to keep moving ahead by evolving and transforming to better serve the community providing the best of services. Given economic fundamentals, the market for the automobile segment has enormous potential and can grow even more in the years to come. The automobile sector may find fresh direction thanks to EVs, ethanol, and hydrogen products. “We may develop co-branded EVs for the forthcoming age due to the size of our consumer base and their steadfast allegiance. This is just the beginning and there’s more to it”, signs off Hitendra.