Gandour: Satisfying the Taste Buds

Sohail Razzack,  Managing Director

Sohail Razzack

Managing Director

Either a kid or an elder, chocolate, candies, and cakes are something loved and craved by all, be it the fanciest to a simple one. To top it all, the never-ending celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, parties, festivals, and so on & so forth, look half-baked without the touch of confectioneries. With such popularity, the confectionery market in India today is valued at $1.5 billion, growing at a two years CAGR of nine percent, as per Nielsen India. With strong roots in the industry, the company has not just emerged as a leading food manufacturer in the Middle East, but also has won the hearts in South Asia & North Africa.

Unique Offering
The utmost quality of its products
is the reflection of Gandour’s philosophy of creating ‘Ingredients from Happiness’, which ensures that whatever the category is, the quality and taste must stand supreme. Its presence in India is well established with a full-fledged, state-of-the-art factory in Hyderabad, four regional offices & 20 state warehouses spread across the length & breadth of the country. “From Safari to Yamama, Gandour has been at the forefront of delivering unique & delicious packaged chocolates & cakes to consumers in India since the last 10 years. Happy memories from childhood are inextricably linked to Gandour,” says Sohail Razzack, Managing Director, Gandour India Food Processing.

"Gandour stands apart in the industry by offering something different from the usual to its consumers and caters to the growing demands of urban markets"

With its expertise in manufacturing, it is able to offer delicious flavours with unique taste. The company offers several products, including Chocolates (Safari, TofiLuk, Pep-Up and more), Wafers (Tourist), Layered Cakes, Choco Squares & Yamama Brownie. Safari is a light yet satisfying chocolate bar with
the wafer sheet filled with cream, coated with caramel & chocolate, and crisped rice. Tofiluk is a delightful biscuit coated with caramel & chocolate, with not just one but two pieces in a wrapper giving maximum benefit to the consumer. Yamama Layered Cake is a soft, fluffy cake with a cream centre available in multiple flavours like Cocoa, Strawberry, Vanilla & Mix Fruit, while Yamama Choco Squares is a cake with cream centre, coated with chocolate. Yamama Dark Brownie, on the other hand, is a rich delectable dark brownie cake with a chocolate cream at the centre.

Gandour’s brands have gained lots of consumer’s love due to its exceptional taste offered at affordable price points of Rs.2, Rs.5, and Rs.10. Gandour stands apart in the industry by offering something different from the usual to its consumers and caters to the growing demands of urban markets. With such delicious products, Gandour India, which is currently a Rs.150 crore company with over 350 employees spread over the country surges ahead on an aggressive growth path with strategic tie-ups with some of the leading global brands. It further plans to grow into a Rs.300 crore company by next year.