Gempac: Creating Industry First Standards in Packaging

Jithu P Mathew,Executive Director

Jithu P Mathew

Executive Director

The growing middle class population, rising health consciousness, and competition from the west, are catapulting the packaging and packaging machinery industry in the country.Only a few ace manufacturers are able to live up to that expectation. Established in 1992, as Kerela's first packing machine brand, Gempac is now a global manufacturer of packing machines with more than 100 best fit solutions. GEMPAC is a registered trade mark of SamPackaging Innovations Private Limited. By making the best use of the latest technology innovations GEMPAC designs, develop and manufactures reliable, flexible, custom packing solutions, to meet the specific customer requirements. The modern automation technology ensures developing of packing machines that not only offer outstanding value for money, but outperform similar machines available in the market. The company's idea was sown by a group of specialist technocrats with proven skills in the field of packaging technology. The founding team has vast experience in the packaging industry, with a skilled marketing and servicing force as the prime asset of the company.

VFFS Serving Every Packaging Need
Gempac offers a wide range of packing machines to support a diverse mix of
industries and sectors. Gempac can pack everything from all food items to nonfood items. Vertical Form Fill Seal(VFFS) machines can make packages as small as 1gm/ml sachets, right up to 10 kg/L pouches. With the latest technical solutions used, VFFS machines will be the perfect choice for those who are looking for sustainable and efficient packing equipment for modern packages.

Gempac offers a wide range of packing machines to support a diverse mix of industries and sectors

VFFS Machine enables high speed Liquid Packing Machine for Oil, Milk, Water, and Vanaspathi. Amongst some of the other enablement are Servo Based Powder Packing Machines for all types of powders, Cup Filling Machines for Granules and free flow materials, multi head & Linear weighers for all types of snacks chips, grains and all types of free flow materials, packing machines for semi solid products like rice gravy (Dosha mave/appam mave etc.),ice cream or Jelly or Sip up packing machines, and salt, chemicals and detergent packing machines. All the machines' contact parts have food grade materials. The machines have operator friendly PLC controller wherein quantity can be adjusted with a single knob. Gempac machines take an input supply of 415 V AC, 50 Hz, 3 phase 4 wire with an overall connected load of 10 KW.

Efficiently, safely and effectively designed Gempac Packing machines could meet the growing demands of every sector. "We have a well equipped R&D Department and the members working in this department are having 10 to 45 years of experience in Machine manufacturing field",says Jithu P Mathew, Executive Director at Gempac. All of Gempac's products are approved by government of India, Ministry of food & consumer affairs, weights & measurement unit. Gempac has a Quality Checking Department in its factory under the R& D department. Every manufacture is checked at each and every stage of the machine manufacturing.

Gempac has been building on its values. The company believes that its values define its commitment to its customers and the work. "Being customer centric quality driven, honest credible & innovative, we craft a value driven vision to be there for our customers with effective innovative solutions to meet their demands", concludes Jithu.