GM ECO Services: Paying Significant Contributions to Saving the Planet's Natural Resources

Lakhsmi Pavani.Golagani,DirectorThe waste management companies are chiefly driven by factors such as growing awareness and acknowledgement of recycled and reprocessed products and raw materials, increasing number of smart city initiatives, and rapidly increasing urbanization alongside rising industrialization. Moreover, increasing government investment towards bringing down the overall environmental impact of waste from both public and industrial sources is encouraging the demand for waste management products and services.

Headquartered in Mudannur (Andhra Pradesh),M/s.GM ECO SERVICES is one of the premiere waste management and environmental management Companies established in 2016. The company contributes its services to take care of the environment and always assures the best as well as eco-friendly services.

However, the waste management service is depending upon the types of waste, service and region. GM ECO SERVICES’ offerings are highly capable to manage 1,20,000 MTPA of Industrial hazardous waste as well as Non-hazardous waste as Alternate Fuels/raw materials. The company handles solid, semi-solid and liquid waste as well as takes responsibility for its collection, transportation, storage, pre-processing and final disposal from a third party. While discussing the company’s services, Kanaka Prasad G., Director of Marketing & Business Development, says, “GM ECO SERVICES is
directly or indirectly helping the cement plants by pre-processing of hazardous waste based on the customer requirement to enhance the thermal substitution rate(TSR) in cement plants by the usage of various alternate fuels and alternate raw materials in cement kiln.”And it is also helpful for the society in terms of reduction for usage of natural resources in cement industries by providing good quality of Fuels

GM ECO SERVICES maintains a reliable relationship with its customers and always ready to accept a variety of waste, make it suitable for co-processing and further processes. It also provides one time disposal as per clients’ requirements with APEMC/APPCB approved vehicles. GM ECO SERVICES is very prompt in delivering quality material for cement plants. The clients are willing to approach the company for its proper and systematic waste disposal, better cost, safe and prompt transportation services, laisoning related matters and most essentially customer satisfaction. Kanaka Prasad G., Director of Marketing Business Development, adds to it, “We do provide the services for all types of industrial and non-industrial waste which includes ETP sludge, Organic residue, Spent Carbon, used PPE etc.” He has also mentioned the name of his clients, such as Pharmaceuticals industries, Automobile industries, Chemical Industries, FMCG Industries, Bulk drug manufacturers and also some of the cement plants, like Bharathi Cement, JSW Cement, Dalmia Cement, Zuari Cement and My Home Industries.

GM ECO SERVICES always welcomes the latest technology for better services. The company keeps track of all the vehicles by GPS to avoid any pilferage, test the waste using the latest equipment before dispatching it, and provide relevant certificates that fulfil environment compliance. Having a sustainability project or initiative for a better environment is the backbone of any waste management companies. GM ECO SERVICES too, there fore has a plantation in and around, designed the shortest route for transportation that used less fuel for reduction of greenhouse gases, and allotted fund for CSR focusing on development activity like providing water treatment plants to nearby villages as well as established water recycling system and recycled water is being used for horticulture.

During the scenario of the pandemic, the company reached Rs.300 million of revenue in this FY 2020-21 and expected growth another 40% during current FY 2021-22. The company has successfully handled raw materials of more than 37000 tons and after processing supplied them to various cement plants. Hence forth, there are no leftover materials on earth.

GM ECO SERVICES proudly claims to have converted value less product to valuable product which would help the reduction of GHG emissions and also reduce the burden on landfilling and mainly helpful for the depletion of natural resources like fossil fuels etc.