Gnat Aviation: The Experience in Aviation

Niranjan Kumar,  FounderThe aerospace technology has grown dynamically, and even the pilots and engineers confront a hard time fathoming aircraftand engine configurations. Gnat Aviation, Indian aero engine & aircraft management & consultation company, perfectly bridges the challenges to monitor and conduct repairs. Niranjan Kumar, Founder, Gnat Aviation, who is a passionate experienced engineer has embarked on a journey to build a platform with one of the most skilled & knowledgeable teams in the industry that handles complex technologies. He has experience and a successful career with top ranking fortune companies globally. He has grown up from bottom ranks to the senior management and later taken Board Executive level positions.

Globally commercial airlines and business aviation are on the rise and has put in lot of pressure on the engineering teams. Considering this trend, Gnat continues to build multiple teams with its resources to support the lessor and lessee and owner of aircrafts and engine redelivery and certification process with all its experiences.
A New Way of Aircraft/Engine Repair Management
Given the mandatory need for aircraft maintenance despite its complexity and delay, the aircraft, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) market is flooded with options. With OEMs at the opposite end, since the word ‘repair’ is often out of their dictionary, they replace even the repairable parts with new ones, causing long delays in terms of delivery (that result in a loss for the airliner). An engine MRO could be more expensive to overhaul or repair. Gnat Aviation pitches and educates the operators to provide the MRO services with remarkable turnaround-time and without brokerage, and also promises to repair every possible part of the engine, thus saving around 30-50 percent of the usual maintenance cost. It’s not surprising that Gnat has cracked MRO deals with the world’s leading airlines.

Gnat continues to build multiple teams with its resources to support the lessor and lessee and owner of aircrafts and engine redelivery and certification process with all its experiences

We have identified international facilities with various MRO capabilities. Considering these facilities we have drawn major programs which can lead to very advanced repair capability. Gnat Aviation is globally attempting these repairs at experience repair facilities. We are proud of our
teams to experiment next generation repairs. When it comes to the airframe, Gnat performs a prior calculation and informs the clients how efficient and in MRO block slots for any major and minor works. Where can A checks and B checks can be done, so that the clients get to schedule in advance.

Having its state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned engineers spread across the countries like Dubai, India, Canada, and the US, its representatives all around the globe can support and respond with a solution within 48 hours. Gnat taps into the Software, Hardware & technology aspects, offering services including Aero Engine Management, Engine Repair Development, which is the back bone of airlines and Business Aircrafts. The company’s strict adherence to quality standards and knowledge of the regulatory bodies(like FAA, EASA, CAA, & DGCA) make these services world class and strictly compliant.

Becoming an Influencer
Gnat Aviation has worked in the past in various levels and companies acquiring vast knowledge in Aircraft tear down and MRO engines in the past. The year over year growth ever since its inception has provided us with the confidence to influence the aviation industry from several other aspects. He elucidates, “We want to support the research and developments happening in the core engine technologies, wherein research startups may play a significant role.” On its way to become the single largest company offering engine support to any aircraft and airline, Gnat is looking forward to meaningful associations & partnerships in making a fascinating destination for professional help.