Goradia Industries: Safeguarding Human Lives with Ingenious & Top-Notch Safety Products

The simplest measure to curb the ever-increasing road fatalities of today is by wearing seat belts, which is also the most ignored aspect among the drivers and front & rear seat passengers in India. Besides, only 11.2 percent of the school buses and vans have seat belts for all passengers. Triggered by this huge reluctance among people as well as the dearth of seat belts in vehicles, Mumbai-based Goradia Industries was established in 1987 with the prime motto of safeguarding human lives. Today, the firm outclasses as the leading seat belt manufacturer and supplier in India for automobile industries, catering to four-wheeler vehicles like cars, buses and trucks. Some of its seat belts include military tactical safety belts, car safety belts, and three-point emergency locking safety.

Consistency in Quality

The two instrumental policies that place Goradia an edge above its competitors are quality check and control with accent on quantity. By following a set of streamlined processes and focusing on one project at one instance, the firm ensures to provide personalized, top-notch products to its customers. By large, maintaining a long-standing consistency in quality is Goradia’s biggest USP.

Nihir Goradia, Partner, Goradia Industries, elucidates, “Our seat belts are developed with value-added features such as a central system, a light sensor system with LED lights, and sound systems, along with the strong motto of saving human lives from fatalities”.
Nihir Goradia,Partner

Goradia Industries adheres to the standards and norms of Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) with respect to the best road safety parameters

In fact, Goradia Industries adheres to the standards and norms of Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) with respect to the best road safety parameters.

Fibre to Fabric

The manufacturing process at the firm begins with the procurement of raw materials from India, Germany and U.S., which are thoroughly checked by its third-party test laboratories as well as internal audit team. This dedicated team assures to not just verify the raw materials and their consistency in quality, but also the quality management systems, quality control systems and all the processes followed by the suppliers.
Post the raw material check, the spools of raw materials are converted into beams of narrow woven fabrics across multiple needle loom machines at the firm’s manufacturing plants, after which the damaged materials are removed.

The final process is heating the products at high temperatures to infuse good finish, longer shelf life and robustness into each one of them, before winding into 100-meter rolls. Clearly, the finished products of Goradia impart sustenance to both high and low temperatures, while some are even fire resistant. The firm also offers a six-month warranty period wherein it replaces material, if need be for its products. All of Goradia’s products are available on its own website and Amazon, while customer queries are answered across its Facebook page.

So far, Goradia has witnessed around 200 percent growth in revenue, and is expecting the same this year too. The firm has recently started supplying to the Ministry of Defence (India) and aspires to engage in long-term projects with the Indian Government, apart from catering to new startups, who are coming-up with e-vehicles, including e-Bus manufacturers like Olectra, MGM and many others. Nihir concludes, “Leveraging our strength in R&D, we will be emphasizing not just on our company’s growth, but also making human lives better”.