Greiner Packaging India: At the Acme of Sustainable Plastic Packaging

Behfam Garmehi,DirectorIn a recent study by ResearchAndMarkets, it was brought to light that the global sustainable plastic packaging market size is projected to grow from $89 billion in 2020 to $117.3 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 5.6 percent. There is a wide range of factors right from shift in consumer interests towards green and recyclable packaging materials, advent in new-fangled technologies to introduction of stringent laws & policies by governments that are seamlessly fostering this mammoth growth.

Poised perfectly in this space of sustainable plastic pack-aging is Greiner Packaging India, a subsidiary of Austrian-based Greiner Packaging which is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in food and non-food sectors. Earlier as a JV with an Indian partner company, Greiner Packaging India has evolved into a 100 percent Greiner Packaging subsidiary in mid-2019 with rigid plastic packaging products such as thermoformed cups, lids and trays. Behfam Garmehi, Director, Greiner Packaging India, adds, "We perceive India as one of our future markets and aim to outshine as a strong domestic supplier as well as a reliable partner of our Indian customers ­ private dairies and District Cooperative Milk Producers Union dairies."

The Hallmarks
The primordial vision of Greiner Packaging India involves
designing and forming sustainable plastic pack-aging solutions to create a livable future worldwide, reducing raw materials, increasing product recyclability, and focusing on reusable products via `Design for Recycling' guidelines. Be-sides, this ISO 22000:2018 certified company emphasizes on optimized processes and maintaining high hygiene standards through regular quality checks, proactively innovating on designs relevant to its brand, customers and industry, and deploying broad range of production & decoration technologies.

Cardboard-plastic combinations, which Greiner Packaging refers to as K3®, will soon be launched in the Indian market for dairy and food products. This special technology decorates a plastic cup with a cardboard wrap which saves up to 33 percent of plastic material and up to 17 percent of CO2 emissions compared to a thermoformed direct-printed cup. The additional benefits like enhanced shelf impact, insulating properties, elegant feel and the marketing initiatives on the inside, such as promotions are well appreciated by customers.

We perceive India as one of our future markets and aim to outshine as a strong domestic supplier as well as a reliable partner of our Indian customers

The expertise of Greiner Packaging India further encompasses technologies such as sheet extrusion and thermoforming. During sheet extrusion, plastic granulates are smelted and formed into multilayer thermoelastic sheets, wounded onto a roll and cooled while recycled materials are incorporated in the middle layer. For cost-effective and efficient production of millions of plastic products, thermo-forming technology is utilized wherein extruded sheets are heated, stretched, moulded, cooled and punched into cups while skeleton sheet goes into the middle layer.

Parent Company's Legacy
Greiner Packaging India derives its excellence from its parent company that holds a 60-year rich legacy in development, design, production, and decoration of rigid plastic packaging products, high standards, sustainable approaches, international expansion and strong global network. In 2019, the Greiner Packaging division employed 5,000+ employees at 32 locations in 19 countries worldwide besides achieving sales revenue of 690 million Euros. Behfam concludes, "Although 2020 has been challenging so far due to Covid-19 crisis, we are happy to see that we can always count on our team spirit, flexibility, and strong customer relationships."