H3O: Air Purification Technology Maestros Framing Smart & Energy Efficient Solutions

Aditya Vikas Agarwal,DirectorThe Indian air purifier market is forecasted to reach $209 million by 2021 due to the burgeoning awareness about the impact of indoor and outdoor pollution on human health and also the benefits of using air purifiers. To excel in such a competitive environment, air purifier companies ought to be robust in terms of innovations and abreast with the emerging technologies. Honing its competency in air quality management in tune with the technological innovations and products, H3O Healthcare is driven towards framing smart solutions that facilitate people to breathe pure air regardless of the space they live in. “Designed, manufactured and marketed from the best in class technology, our products are highly capable of detecting air pollutants and shielding the extremely polluted spaces either indoor or outdoor against them,” avers Aditya Vikas Agarwal, Director, H3O.

Appalled by the exacerbating environmental conditions in India, H3O embarked into the air purifier
space in 2012 after orchestrating extensive R&D on unique air filtration technologies for nearly two decades. This New Delhi based firm holds an intricate portfolio of distributors and support centres PAN India and also an e-Commerce based distribution network across Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal for its retail business. At H3O, each product is stapled with free home delivery, one year warranty, 10 days return policy with no questions asked along with money back guarantee, cheapest filter replacement, high energy efficiency and many more advantages.

H3O embarked into the air purifier space in 2012 after orchestrating extensive R&D on unique air filtration technologies for nearly two decades

Energy Efficient Devices
Having launched two air purifiers namely ve1 and ve2 in the indoor category, H3O is the first company in India to deploy a seven stage complete purification system as well the Swedish HEPA Cluster technology into its products. With the basic aluminium pre filter to decontaminate larger particles in the foremost stage, H3O’s indoor air purifiers are built with a nano-cold catalyst filter, followed by honeycomb coconut shell activated carbon filter and antibacterial & antivirus non-woven fabric filter to
decompose harmful gases and substances. Adhering to the standards of U.S. DOE, the true HEPA filter in the next stage removes up to 99.7 percent of 0.1 µm sized particles, while UV sterilize light and anion release in the succeeding stages eliminate all the positively charged particles and release negative ions to freshen the room. Further, the intelligent odour systems in these air purifiers produce real-time PM 2.5 feedback and AQI values ensuring pleasant odour indoors.

H3O extends its arm in developing car air purifiers that clean the air inside the car through a 360 degree highly efficient HEPA filter in just a span of 15 minutes for people to have a healthy drive. The firm is also pre-eminent for creating industrial air purifiers as well as the first of its kind hydrogen water bottles via unique electrolysis technology and materials with strong adaptability to prevent anti-aging, fight diabetes, improve metabolism and boost energy.

Seamless R&D
“One can notice the difference in air quality within minutes of switching on H3O’s air purifiers, which thereby makes the air light and energetic,” states Mukul Bansal, Client of H3O. Besides client testimonials like this, H3O has also bagged many awards for its product designs, owns three design patents and filed for two more patents entailing several design and technology concepts of air purifiers. The firm will also be unveiling its wearable air purifiers soon into the market.