Hariom Enterprises: A Customer-Centric Firm Leading the League of Protective Packaging

Anshul Gupta,CAOWith the e-Commerce industry making great strides over the recent years, the demand for protective packaging solutions in India is also on a constant rise. Especially in the woven sack packing industry, it has been brought to light that only the survival of the fittest flourish amidst the swarm of challenges and risks involved. It is here Kanpur-based Hariom Enterprises leads the league with innovative, top-notch and affordable Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) packaging solutions and technical fabrics.

Hariom breathes a customer-centric philosophy along with strategies to create value for customers, which further leads to loyal customers and business profitability. To achieve this, it has created a completely customer-centric culture and aligned its productivity, efficiency, quality, deliveries, punctuality, after-sales services and other elements with customer satisfaction. Anshul Gupta, CAO, Hariom Enterprises, adds, "We are a healthy organization that shares its business goals with employees at every level besides promoting great teamwork, high employee morale, training opportunities, strong leadership and insights on risks."

Established in 2014, Hariom Enterprises outclasses among the first few global manufacturers to offer environmental-worthy bags with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology. The MAP technology helps in lowering the
amount of oxygen in the headspace of the package and replaces it with nitrogen or carbon dioxide to delay oxidation and reduce microbiological spoilage. Besides, these bags are developed with Equilibrium Modified Atmospheric Packaging (EMAP) for longer shelf life, higher bags safety factor, oxygen barrier, fire retardants, retention of original odour & freshness for longer period, moisture barrier, green, eco-friendly & light-weight packaging, and absolutely no BPA, condensation and infection.

Products Galore
Speaking of Hariom's products, its BOPP multi-coloured laminated bags (flagship product) stand-out in strength and stability with puncture & tear resistance to protect contents as well as provide a strong back-seam. Easy-open pull-tab for greater efficiency with optional easy carry handles, high gloss production for easy and clean packaging, waterproof design and UV resistant reverse-printed graphics, and availability in diverse configurations and custom graphic design capabilities, make these bags extremely unique.

Hariom Enterprises outclasses among the first few global manufacturers to offer environmental-worthy bags with MAP technology

This ISO 9001 & 22000 certified company also manufactures FIBCs with body available in breathable & non-coated fabric, non-breathable & non-coated fabric, FDA approved UV treated, ground able type C fabric, and crohmiq blue static dissipating type D fabric in different colours and fillings. These FIBCs also come with various discharging & lifting options, 500-2,500 kg capacity, with & without liners, non-toxicity, no bulging, and as per global safety norms and standards. Hariom's technical fabrics are FDA approved UV treated ground able type C, crohmiq blue type D, non-breathable & laminated and breathable & non-laminated ultrasonic cut from 100-250 GSM. Lastly, its flexible multi-coloured printed rolls and pouches encompass co-extruded, multilayer barrier film and adhesive laminated sub-treated films for packaging of milk, edible oil, vanaspati, processed foods, cosmetics, toiletries and other products.

At the backend of these products, Hariom Enterprises holds technologically advanced production facilities with LOREX tape stretching line (with melt pump, static mixers & others), circular looms to weave fabric and mesh, world-class extrusion coating machine for bonding and surface gloss of BOPP bags. Anshul concludes, "Our R&D department works round the clock to reduce processing costS and final costs besides analyzing our top & bottom lines. We also aim to double our 25 percent growth in revenue in the next FY."