Hartek Group: Delivering Impeccable Solutions in the EPC Domain through Cutting-Edge Engineering Techniques

Hartek Singh, Founder,Simarpreet Singh, DirectorA leading conglomerate having business interests across the power sector value chain, the Hartek Group operates through five strategic business units - Power Systems, Rooftop Solar, Power Distribution Products, Fuel Services and Smart Cities. Founded in 1991, the Hartek Group has emerged as one of India's most admired brands in power system infrastructure and renewable sector. With a vision of becoming a global leader in providing EPC and manufacturing solutions in the field of power systems, power distribution and renewable energy, the Hartek Group was established in 1991 by Hartek Singh to contribute towards India's emergencies a global EPC leader.

Adorned with impeccable leaders with proficient experience and expertise, the Hartek Group caters to various idiosyncratic verticals, including power systems, rooftop solar, power distribution products, fuel services, smart cities and more. Implementing cutthroat engineering techniques to deliver world-class results, the Hartek Group is dominating the industry by successfully executing numerous efficacious projects since the inception of its EPC vertical.

The USP of the Hartek Group lies in its unwavering attention towards ensuring premium engineering design, timely completion and after-sales services, which puts it in a favorable spot as a rising global EPC leader. Today, the Hartek Group has become an industry leader owing to its steadfastness in ensuring timely completion,
quality work and seamless operation and maintenance during project execution. "Apart from our deliberate dedication towards ensuring flawless project implementation within the stipulated time frame, another major aspect of our services which keeps us in an enviable position within the industry is our ability to execute projects in tough terrains. Starting from our project in the mountainous locale of Mashobra near Shim-la, which demanded the utmost precision and commitment of our engineers to ensure successful implementation, to similar projects in the deserts of Rajasthan, our USP reflects in our services. I think one of our USPs lies in our ability to construct projects in tough terrains as it requires a lot of robust and carefully carried out construction, along with a proper understanding of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering," states Simarpreet Singh, Director, Hartek Group.

Recently, the Hartek Group launched `Grid Doctor'. It's a unique initiative for projects which is first of its kind and has curated appreciations from its esteemed clients. "Innovation leads to success and technology amalgamation to it yields prolific results. Smart grid is the future for us in EPC industry. Besides, we also believe in effective supply chains for ensuring timely material delivery for on-time for project execution. Smart grid application technology with innovations in supply chain management has made the latest advancements in Hartek Group. Also, safety is a mandatory as-set in everyday work on EPC industry. However, we are able to implement these technologies countrywide meticulously," avers Simarpreet Singh.

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While the Hartek Groups trives to create a unique identity in the industry, it has maintained a competitive edge over other co-players in the market owing to its commitment to nation building through remarkable contributions to India's power sector value chain. "Apart from smart grids, we are interested in venturing into rooftop solar and underground cabling in a big way. Underground cables, you see, are not prone to accidents. As our growing relationship with technology will define us in the next decade, we need to integrate technology in our construction, engineering expertise and sustainable power solutions. By innovating our services in our new projects with the use of the latest technologies, we are determined to ensure higher efficiency and take the Hartek Group forward as a leading power infrastructure company in years to come," concludes Simarpreet Singh.