HDFC Credila: Customized Education Loans Delivered at Students Doorsteps

Ajay Bohora,Co-Founder & CEO

Ajay Bohora

Co-Founder & CEO

Education stands between poverty and prosperity of not just a family, but a country. But apprehensive about the rising cost of education, students downsize their dreams despite excellent academic achievements, while parents sacrifice the nest egg they’ve stashed for emergency /retirement, as all the prevailing products in market necessitate parents to contribute 10-20 percent of the loan as margin money. Being India’s first dedicated education loan company that has pioneered private education loan segment, HDFC Credila has proved to be a boon. The company not just funds the tuition fee without any such margin money, but also covers every cost that students would incur for higher education including living expenses, back & forth travel expenses, books/computer expenses and tuition fees among others.

Funding students to go overseas, HDFC Credila has disbursed over Rs.4500 crore to help 30,000+ students pursue their higher education in over 35 countries so far. The company stands gigantic today with aw hopping revenue of Rs.390 crore. This success looks even more impressive considering the fact that education loan is HDFC Credila’s only offering and 50
percent of its portfolio has been disbursed loan without demanding any collateral security.

HDFC Credila further addresses students’ anxieties by organizing webinars & Facebook Live sessions where experts answer their questions

Loan Specialist & A Trusted Friend

Vis-à-vis other standardized off-the-shelf products, HDFC Credila customizes the loan structure according to students’ needs, within the credit constraints, which is daunting in a sector that requires immense understanding of student education market, courses and most importantly countries – each of which has its unique nuance. For instance, realizing that government universities in Germany, USA, and others, require students to show proof of funds, HDFC Credila pioneered the pre- approved loan concept. The company also provides plentiful credible information through infographics to help select a country/university and 500+ You tube videos to educate regarding diverse important topics, including visa interview preparation, immigration process, university application process, writing statement of purpose, and so on. It further addresses students’ anxieties by organizing webinars & Facebook Live sessions where experts answer their questions.“HDFC Credila believes in value adding to the students and their parents, through their life cycle of engagement with us. In addition to
our core offering of customised education loan, experts from across the globe offer guidance to students through our platforms. Also, we have put together offers on specially curated products & services, which helps students save on a many essential expenses. ”adds on Ajay Bohora, Co-Founder & CEO, HDFC Credila.

The company offers door step service, where in it collects all documents from the students & parents, thereby alleviating the burden of visiting branches multiple times. Technology being its core, the company’s online platform & mobile app enables students to find the status of their file and payback using its widely appreciated deductible interest feature.

“It’s heartening to see a growing number of students and parents recognize HDFC Credila as a specialist in the Education Loan Sector. Our understanding of the students’ needs is reflected through our tailor-made products, that too home delivered!” expounds Ajay.

Ongoing learning being a pre-component of its culture, HDFC Credila conducts hundreds of training sessions annually, instruct every employee to dedicate20 hours in the higher education ecosystem, institutionalizes emerging trends, and frequently accumulates cross functional teams to work on innovative ideas that enhance its services & processes. Its single minded focus on helping more students by innovating more products and keeping cost competitive. HDFC Credila targets to maximize its impact on transforming lives and building India.