HiMedia Laboratories: Envisioning a New Wave in the Microbiology Media Industry

Dr. Gangadhar M. Warke,Founder, Chairman & MD

Every industry has two kinds of players,the trend followers and the pioneers. While trend followers might enjoy reasonable success, it is the path breakers who go down in history for altering the very dynamics of a given industry. A true-blue pioneer to have transformed the field of microbiology media massively is HiMedia Laboratories,a seasoned manufacturer of culture media for microbiology. For over 200 years, microbiology media had been made with animal origin proteins that were primarily sourced from beef. The age old trend was redefined when Dr.Gangadhar M. Warke (Founder,Chairman & Managing Director, HiMedia),a gifted technocrat and founder of HiMedia, was able to substitute animal meat with vegetable derived proteins. Because of this contribution, the organization introduced 20 Vegetable Hydrolysates and over 1,500 Animal Free HiVeg culture media,a significant contribution to the world of microbiology. The Mumbai-based organization is also known for its innovation in terms of use of chemically defined media. HiMedia embarked into this requirement and currently provides the HiCynth
series of Chemically Defined
Synthetic Media.

With over 4500 high quality products in its roster and presence across 1400 countries, the technology driven organization has transformed into one of the largest media manufacturers of the world in the fields of Microbiology, ATC, PTC, molecular biology, agriculture and Hydroponics.

The Makings of an Indigenous Powerhouse
While today the concept of 'Make in India' is making waves in every industry, Dr. Gangadhar has been an early proponent of the concept. Driven by the passion to establish an Indian organization for manufacturing world class microbiology media at affordable cost,he laid the foundation of HiMedia in 1976. Built by the support of co-founders,Saroj G.Warke and Vishnu M. Warke, the long standing family driven organization was privy to the hardship faced by manufacturers, researchers,and CROs owing to high material costs. Several products also had to be imported from US and Europe at inflated prices.

Taking advantage of being an indigenous manufacturer of majority of its raw materials and media formulations, the company has been instrumental in innovating over 7000 culture media and various allied products for the country. “Our product range includes several import substitutes, media and chemicals required for microbiology, animal cell culture (ATC), plant tissue culture (PTC), molecular biology, agriculture,
and hydroponics along with food products, chemicals& biochemical, plastic wares, instruments, equipment and other machines,” explains Dr.Warke.

Strengthening Research Capabilities through Products & Training
The very backbone for the field of bioscience is research which relies on the usage of very specific products of chemicals which might be tough to obtain. Understanding the struggle faced by researchers, HiMedia works dedicatedly towards supplying customized products at affordable prices, in different pack sizes and formulations based on a client’s needs.In order to overhaul the very DNA of bioscience research, HiMedia also provides skill enhancing training sessions to its clients. The well-equipped organisation for biotechnology research also trains post graduate students to enable them to fetch better career opportunities.

At the very heart of the innovation and technology led organization is its R&D section which comprises of over 100 exceptionally brilliant scientists who rely on 100 percent captive technology and innovation, essential for the changing global demands. The company also devotes about 10 percent of its sales revenue towards infrastructure development and R&D.In the midst of a massive growth phase, HiMedia is ramping up its production capacity by four folds a day to meet customer’s increasing demand. The company is also expanding in the Agrosector and venturing into Hydroponics.