HP LED Lighting: Pioneering Next Generation LED Lighting Solutions by Deploying Quality Products & Services

Prateek Gola, Director,Himanshu Arya, Assistant Director

Prateek Gola, Director

Himanshu Arya, Assistant Director

The development and progression of LED technology with its ground-breaking designs, energy-saving capabilities and longer lifespan replaced CFL lighting in no time. Forecasted to outbreak CFL records and reach $108.99 billion by 2025, this next generation lighting solution marks the optimal shift from conventional to green technology by its high efficiency standards, low operation cost and reduced heat losses. Illuminating the abodes of many, HP LED lighting brings a comprehensive portfolio of LED technology and delivers high quality products within an affordable price range. Prateek Gola, Director, HP LED Lighting avers, “We cater to customer needs closely for all types of lighting applications and provide the best suited product and consultation for a long run strong relationship”. The company employs continuous research and modifications in its existing product portfolio to upgrade its customer-centric services.

Established in 2013, HP LED provides complete project consultancy with all payback and ROI details through computerized software followed by detailed data of photometric reports, wire gauge calculation and light placement drawings. While this data helps
customers to determine budget approximations, the company’s value-added services including on-site free installation and repair, results in absolute customer contentment and escalates its growth graph simultaneously. Deploying such excellence, this Haridwar-based company won Sahara Samay Udyami Award 2014 (Under best Performing company – MICRO), Best Display Award in CII EXPO 2016 and INDIA 5000 BEST MSME Award in 2016.

HP LED takes a step ahead of its competitors by counseling its clients about lighting ambiance, load balance, wiring effect, and much more by deploying computer software technology

Power, Performance, Precision
A leading LED manufacturer, HP LED produces products in-house with its expertise in LED driver development, driver designing and SMD mounting. Since these products are installed in residential, corporate and industrial spaces, the company introduced high voltage protection solutions and also provides high wattage LED products for street lighting and flood lighting. Adding precision to performance, the professionals utilize high quality SMD pick & place automated machines, production equipment and lead free eco-friendly solder for high quality product production in a safe environment. “All other injection Maudling and pressure dies casting is done by us for efficient quality control. This increases our face
value to our channel partners and end-customers,” adds Himanshu Arya, Assistant Director, HP LED Lighting.

There’s no denying that electricians today take advantage of customer’s obliviousness regarding power factor, load balancing, wire gauge calculations, LUX’s quantity and color requirement for rooms and offices. HP LED takes a step ahead of its competitors by counseling its clients about lighting ambiance, load balance, wiring effect, and much more by deploying computer software technology. Not only does it deplete power consumption and cost maintenance but also provides high-speed ROI to customers. “We organize quarterly basic dealer/distributor meets and educate them about dos & don’ts of LED lighting,” elucidates Prateek Gola.

Lighting Relationships
Owing a prestigious clientele base including ONGC, HUL,Lifelong, Manglam Electrod, and many more, Prateek cites the case of Affine Steels wherein he advised the company to replace incandescent bulbs (filament life – 5000 hours) with HP LED flood lights (life – 45000 hours). This technical change resulted in 70 percent reduction in company’s cost maintenance and illuminated the avenue with six times more radiance, hence capital saving and minimal electricity usage.

Recording an annual turnover of Rs.1.5 crore last fiscal year, HP LED is all set to step in the agriculture sector and provide horticulture lighting solutions by deploying its R&D expertise and equipping Indian farmers with newer technological advancements. The company is soliciting funding from investors and government bodies for the promotion of its horticulture products.