HTA Instrumentation: Your One Stop for Calibration, Instrumentation Supply & Automation with Hassle-Free Customer Support Round the Clock

V Prakash, Managing Director,Hemanth Kumar, Calibration Manager & Srinivas Murthy, Manager - Sales

Hemanth Kumar, Calibration Manager

Calibration of Instruments is very crucial for firms in all sectors of the industry, be it Manufacturing, Laboratories, Cold Chain, R&D, or any other vertical. Orchestrating its business in the field of Instrumentation since 1989, HTA Instrumentation (P) Ltd. (HTAIPL) embarked itself into Calibration in 2004 from its Bangalore-based office and is currently ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has an NABL Accredited Calibration Laboratory as per the ISO/IEC/17025. The company offers both In-House and On-Site Calibration with parameters entailing all industry aspects. They take pride in being one among the very few companies that are into Sales & Calibration of all Test & Measuring Instruments, as well as Industrial Automation and are also authorized dealers of Emko, Brainchild, and many others.

Recounting on the sales bracket of HTAIPL, V Prakash, Managing Director, asserts, “Our Active Sales & Marketing team work hand-in-hand with our Calibration team to explore new markets for our products, as well as Calibration Services”. All Instrumentation and Measurement products are sold under HTAIPL's trademark ‘Equinox’. HTAIPL has successfully made its mark across Bangalore, spreading all over India and has very recently begun its journey into the Singapore Market.
The firm is experiencing a constant 30 percent growth in revenue and is making a name for itself in the Industrial Automation sector since the last decade. The firm also owns a sister concern company – Ankom International at Bangalore.

"We are in the constant look-out to enhance our existing scope of our Calibration Services"

The Go-To Company
HTAIPL outclasses itself as the go-to company for Calibration and Sales of Instruments that offers one-day Calibration Services to its customers, One-Year replacement warranty on their instruments (with the first-year calibration offered free), hassle-free support during times of exigency and also round the clock support, regardless of weekends, public holidays or even festivals. The firm deals with Area/Warehouse/Equipment Mapping & Validation Services in addition to Calibration of Electro-Technical (new introductions to their ET scope: Oscilloscopes & Stopwatches with 1/1000th second precision), Thermal, Mechanical, Dimensions, Environmental, Volumetric, Flow (Liquid & Air) and Water Chemical parameters.

Hemanth Kumar, Calibration Manager, HTAIPL, avers, “We are on a constant look-out for ways to enhance our existing scope of Calibration Services and are proud to be the only lab (in the private sector) in Karnataka that offers -100ºC in Thermal, Ultrasonic Flow Meter Calibration and Compressed Air Flow Meter Calibration”. To stay on par with the latest methods in Calibration, HTAIPL’s team constantly reviews and adopts the requisite National & International guidelines and also attends NABL’s National Conclaves and Orientation Programs. The team further ascertains to deliver best outcomes in terms of Quality across its services by taking
taking utmost diligence during Inter-Laboratory Comparisons, Quality Checks and Master Intermediate Checks of their Master Instruments. In fact they prefer Calibrating most of their Master Instruments from reputed Central Government Institutions.

Boundless Customer Support
Besides generating Customizable Report Formats and Stickers, HTA conforms to their delivery deadlines for every Order, both in Sales and Calibration, and keeps the customers seamlessly updated on their order status. The firm also renders periodical reminders to customers for re-calibration of instruments before their expiry date and provides online reports for calibrations performed urgently, so any action, if requested by the customer, can be taken immediately. On delivery, a Customer Feedback form is mandatorily sent to Customers, as the firm believes in having zero errors in its operations. Moreover, the firm’s well-trained engineers are always ready to handhold the customers even during their audits, by facing them as their own.

Ashwini PR, Sr. Coordinator

HTAIPL is in the transition to update their Quality Management System as per the ISO/IEC/17025: 2017 standards, upgrading its report-generation system by automating the entire process and have also introduced new FDA CFR-21 Compliant Data Loggers.