IIIOT Infotech: Innovating Home Security with Unique & Customized Automation Solutions

Tripti Bharti,Co-Founders

Tripti Bharti


After augmentation in domestic biometrics market and fingerprint sensor, anticipating growth at a CAGR of 31 and 18.9 percent respectively, the IP surveillance market is also shooting up at 1.5 to 2.5 times. There is a dire need to integrate high-end IoT advancements into home security systems. Amidst this search, many of us struggle to find affordable surveillance solutions that ensure complete safety of our loved ones. Foresaw this crater in 2016 was Anup Sharma (Co-Founder, IIIOT Infotech) who decided to employ technologies such as sensors, biometrics, real-time connectivity, advanced processing software and analytics for increased application of automated security solutions that can be controlled from anywhere acorss the globe. With an aim to augment Smart Home Security concept, IIIOT Infotech brings out the best solution for home security and surveillance, which includes smart security locks, smart door sensor, smart presence sensor, smart occupancy sensor, smart motion sensor, smart intelligent security camera, leveraging security sensor and camera integration.

SMART Solutions, SAFE Prospects
Entrenched in 2017, this Gurgaon-based company offers customization benefit where in

In view of offering home and industry surveillance solutions with unmatched quality, easy usage and affordability,IIIOT has marked standards in the security realm with its AV solutions

the user can activate/deactivate the surveillance as per different modes like Home Mode, Leave Mode or customized mode. The security systems are designed in such a way that any intrusion activity immediately alarms the user through notifications sent via Smart Home mobile app and web along with invasion date-time stamps and picture/video snapshots. The smart intelligent cameras provision motion detection, child crying sound (works on different decibels), 360 tilt dome camera and two-way communication using camera mike that accentuates the monitoring level, hence complete surveillance even while away from home. The company has designed a single solution for Smart Security, Smart Home and Smart Home Theatre by integrating them together, which is accessible through single app or web. Extending further, IIIOT has smart solutions for premium suites, banquet halls, corporate offices, hotel automation and restrooms that includes HVAC system control and observation. The company is also known for incorporating technology in kitchen appliances and garden oriented activities like light track, humidity and soil nutrition.

In view of offering home and industry surveillance solutions with unmatched quality, easy
usage and affordability, IIIOT has marked standards in the security realm with its AV solutions like 8D sound, 4K video and home theatre solutions, integrated with secure rationale of emergency evacuation and announcement in emergency circumstances. Currently working on outcome-based model, IIIOT will assure enhanced security percentage with proper analysis and payback period of client's investment, both tangible and intangible, which includes saving in energy, improvement in security, convenience and comfort. What makes IIOT take edge over its competitors is its two-year extended warranty service, quarterly visit for maintenance, pre-consultation, post installation training and educating users about energy saving nuances.

Since innovation in technology is vital for survival, IIIOT is advancing its customer-oriented service through pro-active steps like AI integration with business intelligence,robotic, voice-based command &control, cloud-based integration, Google Map integration and smart mirror to augment its product development strategies. IIIOT adds, “We have planned to add artificial intelligence which will automatically adjust lighting system, security surveillance system, appliance as per historical usage and human behavior, thus save huge on electricity bills”. Recording cent percent growth every month, the company has plans to expand its presence in Tier-I cities in short-term, while PAN India and UAE in the near future. It is also working on Q&A chatbot in AI vertical and situating an end solution for power cut quandary, a major issue no automation provider has yet touched.