Imperial Graphics: Blending Tradition & Technology to Offer Quality Design & Print Services

The drastic change in the market scenario has created a paradigm shift in how contemporary (medium and large) companies seek to project themselves. The requirement of a visual appeal combined with all-round design marketing solution is paramount among the brands looking for services in a highly compact time frame. A subsidiary of Imperial Fine Arts Offset Printers (estd. 1969), Mumbai based Imperial Graphics (IG) tides the pressure with its expansive printing background and innovative business models that help facilitate end to end marketing solutions, from ideation-communication-strategic planning to implementation. It disregards compromising on service and relies on understanding the clients’ requirements and work towards creating value for their money. Karan states, “This experience of old world exposure with the new world practicality made us a success in today’s competitive world”. The company dwells into end consumer demands and helps brands sketch out a definite marketing strategy and achieve their business goals.

At IG, the holistic solution provision is not limited to any particular marketing specialist or a designer. “We have a setup that enables us to complete projects with a network of partners who assist in architecture, interior design, merchandising, retail and others,” informs Karan. Established in 2007, IG is a fine blend of technology and experience that has been highly instrumental in offering design, printing and merchandising services with a twist. From ideating highly creative
Karan Java,Director

Karan Java


IG is a fine blend of technology and experience that has been highly instrumental in offering design, printing and merchandising services with a twist

solutions with seamless designs for the target audience to service bespoke print projects and large volume marketing materials for Fortune 500 companies, IG works collaboratively with clients to develop unique solutions while it’s merchandising services culminates into brand loyalty and re-call value. The end designs undergo a thorough scrutiny (like colour management, art work edits) and curated into finished products, helping companies improve their brand image. These services are achieved by deploying leading software like Adobe, Corel Draw & sketch board (compatible with Annex and Tab) Preflight and Meta Processing, Xrite ink density measuring across all
Komori & Heidelberg with online coating, while in the digital press space, the Indigo & Agfa proof machine are available. Along with this, post-press Automated Cutters, Automated Binding machine and many more are also available. Karan assures, “By engaging the latest pre-press, press techniques and post-press processes, we ensure that the level of quality remains priority”.

Reaching Far & Wide

Offering PAN India services is challenging and catering to various cultures & geographies is a different ball game altogether. Karan explains, “We try to imbibe the local culture, geography and requirements through our survey mediums that help us make relevant solutions, further our logistic team rightly actions to distribute the consignment with an age long expertise - cost effectively; overnight delivery is a normal activity, but covering the remotest village with the same speed is to our advantage. Eventually, this gives an edge to get the maximum impact for our client”.

Its highly credible team is offered quarterly trainings in Raw material, Software, Technology that helps them inculcate and incorporate the new industrial trends. IG’s belief in chasing the vision helps the company garner positive client reviews and a consistent revenue growth. The company is currently focusing on expanding its service and customer base, and envisions being the sole solution provider to corporates for their branding and marketing needs.