Inbounderz India: Implementing Effective Optimization Techniques to Maximize Customers' Marketing Potentials

Sajil TG & Nidhinraj Mavila,Co-Founders

Sajil TG


Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Unleashing the power of digital marketing for enterprises, in the year 2016, Sajil TG along-side his friend and business partner, Nidhinraj Mavila, established Inbounderz India, a digital marketing agency that offers cost-effective solutions to businesses. Bangalore based Inbounderz consists of over 20+ experienced professionals who are said to take digital marketing to another level. The team brings out-of-the-box solutions for its clients, where it creates and curate con-tent and ads that boost the client's on-line presence multifold.

SEOToolSet and PPCToolSet- Accomplishing Humanely Impossible Tasks
Inbounderz delivers uniquely tailored digital marketing services that meet the needs of its clients and their customers. Inbounderz use the right mix of digital marketing tools such as Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ad Words (PPC­Pay Per Click) that help their clients take their product and services to targeted audience in the most efficient manner. Remarketing and website revamping are also their forte.

Inbounderz offer an array of services including Social Media marketing, Web development, Branding, Package designing, Video ads and SEO & SEMs. Inbounderz treat social media marketing as the key tool for digital marketing which is their flagship service. Their marketing strategists and
designers make the best out of social media platforms to take the clients to their audience. Web development and revamp are done as part of a marketing strategy or standalone service.

Branding is another key service Inbounderz offer which works as a foundation stone for new launches and a spine of existing names in the market. Carousel ads, YouTube video boosting, YouTube skip-able ads, YouTube in-stream ads, lead generation campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimisation are incorporated in their digital marketing campaigns. Remarketing is another tool they use wherein targeted ads are served to web users. The quality of services is ensured by giving timely feedback to clients about the campaigns.

Marching Ahead with a Customer Centric Approach
Inbounderz never thrust its marketing strategies on the clients without imbibing their marketing objective and vision with strategies that are custom made. Extended customer service is another USP of Inbounderz whereas most of the digital marketing firms fail to assistant their clients beyond office hours. Inbounderz's digital marketing strategies are centred around customer satisfaction which can be achieved only when clients win their intended customers.

Inbounderz is committed to understand its clients, their targeted customers and to develop the complete digital marketing strategies starting from the very inception of the product or services to the end result. Giving the right feedback to customers is one of the thrust areas of Inbounderz and they improvise or change marketing strategies whenever required based on the feedback from the targeted end.

Growing 2x times each year in terms of revenue and clients, the company has expanded its services to its clients in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and the UAE. The company has garnered trust and recognition for its work over the years. The topmost cooperative societies in Kerala such as Milma, Raid-co, Rubco are Inbounderz's clients. Inbounderz has also been at the back-end of several projects of industry majors such as ITC and Britannia. A range of start-ups and established names in India and abroad are also among their clientele.

Inbounderz staff update themselves on the latest trends and tools in digital marketing and graphic designing through online programmes. The staff are also members of various groups and platforms of digital marketing to keep them up to date. As a group of like-minded and passionate youngsters, Inbounderz ensure that everyone gets respect for their roles and space for opinion. Despite going through the sluggish economy caused by the pandemic, Inbounderz registered 50 percent growth in its revenue in the current fiscal year so far. Inbounderz future roadmap includes expansion of services to metros outside South India and to international markets. Inbounderz India has had an exceptional journey, the one that exemplifies the true spirit of persistence, perseverance, and hard work.