Indocopters: A Complete Helicopter Solution Provider Assuring Unmatched Quality Standards & Customer Service

Per Smedegaard, CEO,Rajesh Chopra, COO

Per Smedegaard, CEO

Rajesh Chopra, COO

The aviation industry in India is expanding at an increasing rate, and the total number of passengers has almost tripled in the last eight years. Steadily rising alongside the industry with its customer friendly attitude is Indocopters, a DGCA approved dedicated Helicopter MRO maintaining a double digit amount of commercial, government & private helicopters in India, catering to both the helicopter operators and owners. “We listen carefully to our customers’ needs & requirements and accordingly tailor a transparent & professional solution, where functionality, price and lead-time are key parameters,”remarks Per Smedegaard, CEO, Indocopters.

Dizzying Array of Services
This company stands apart with its proficiency in delivering the complete solution around helicopter operation from the first consultancy on type analysis, helicopter selection, pre buy inspections, import, entry into service, to flight and technical(MRO) operation. However, it is Indocopters’ unmatched quality standards and customer service that places it above its competitors. In fact, the company perceives the relationship
it has established with OEMs as its quality recognition and takes immense pride in its highly experienced & OEM trained Engineers. “Beside SAFRAN, ROTORTRADE, BLR, AEROMETALS and SIMPLEX, Indocopters has strong growing relationships with BELL, AIRBUS and LEONARDO. We believe working closely with OEMs gives us more competence than our competitors,” affirms Rajesh Chopra, COO, Indocopters.

Recognized as a dedicated practitioner of good safety standards by DGCA, Indocopters has had no history of any accidents

Beyond the sales of helicopter and spares & consumables, the company provides a wide range of services, including prepurchase inspection & evaluation, import of helicopters, custom clearance, assembly services at its state-of-the-art facility at Greater Noida, maintenance & retrofit management, CAR-M/CAMO and operation support. Besides owning a world class paint shop dedicated to helicopters, the company also has a Safran and DGCA approved engine shop for changing engine modules.

Unmatched Quality Standards
Apart from being a Safran helicopter engines certified maintenance center & distributor and pre-owned helicopter sales representative for RotorTrade in India, Indocopters is also the exclusive sales representative for BLR Fastfin kits and dual tail strakes & installation, Simplex
Aerospace spray & fire attack systems as well as Aerometals on Inlet barrier filter systems.

Recognized as a dedicated practitioner of good safety standards by DGCA, Indocopters has had no history of any accidents.

Since its inception in 2005, Indocopters has been working with the clear goal to use state-of-the-art European high quality practices in its daily work and has been increasingly strengthening its safety practices. Striving to be on the forefront in managing its operation and keep high safety standards, Indocopters regularly evaluates its systems & procedures. As majority of the processes in the maintenance industry are extremely labour intensive, Indocopters has a training program to upqualify its staff through on-job training in various positions, training at OEM’s training facilities and by teaming them together with highly qualifiedcolleagues before working independently (releasing helicopter for flight) under own responsibility. This insures customers the best service.

Gearing Up
The company is presently working on making its stock available online and also establishing that its customers Indocopters stocks for, have online access to their inventory. This will give its customers faster information on parts and components availability. Growing steadily in recent years despite the market stagnation, Indocopters anticipates to continue doing so with its very focused strategy and close cooperation with OEMs.