Indus Momentus Business Solutions: Catering Logistics with the Gen-Next ERP Solutions

Attaining high quality decision across planning time horizons, i.e., from the long to the medium and to the short term, is a crucial and demanding work in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. A shrinking world with expanding and complex networks necessitates need for comprehensive intelligent end-to-end solutions automation tools – tools that enable quick and informed decision making thereby improving efficiencies, reducing cost, increasing accuracy and increasing accountability/visibility. Most companies have invested in comprehensive ERP systems; despite this, still seek assistance of tools like Excel for analysis, planning and collaboration. Excel despite its remarkable merits, is not suitable for planning and collaboration purposes. Usage of sub optimal tools leads to wastage of precious time, effort and doesn’t yield desired results. Indus Momentus Business Solutions (IMBS), focused on end-to-end supply chain solutions, provides a ‘beyond’ conventional ERP solutions that would cater optimal solutions to the Supply Chain/Logistics functions and industry.

IMBS runs the entire planning process on behalf of the clients and ensures consistent, accurate and sustained usage of complex planning solutions, thereby letting them focus on their core business

Ramesh Krishnamurthy,DirectorIMBS (founded in 2011) ventured into the field of Logistics/Supply Chain solution through a chance opportunity to partner with some solution providers. Some early successes gave it the necessary impetus to grow. Being a startup, IMBS leveraged its strengths of being nimble and experimental, leading to solutions/service arrangements that were innovative and tailor made to suit clients unique requirements. Starting with Production/Allocation Planning Services, IMBS now offers the complete Sales and Operations Planning. Depending on the client requirements, the applicable solution modules vary. For example, in the logistics space (3PL, Truck companies), IMBS offers Vehicle Routing, Truck Loading/Containerisation, Inventory Planning, Replenishment Planning and Network Design services. The assorted services also include Production Planning, Network (GST) Design, Consulting, Analytics and Workforce Planning.

IMBS works through multiple Service Delivery Models from In-Premise Implementation to Rental Model and Outsourced Model. “It is imperative for a solutions provider to be flexible, to offer different engagement models to suit the customers’ budgets,
maturity and planning needs,” asserts Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Director, IMBS.

In-Premise Implementation and Rental Models are quite self-explanatory. Outsourced Model is more interesting wherein IMBS runs the entire planning process on behalf of the clients, thereby letting them focus on their core business, whilst also ensuring consistent, accurate and sustained usage of complex planning solutions. Through its Solutions and Services, IMBS enjoys a strong and growing relationship with a wide range of clients across industries of varying sizes and planning complexity.

Miles to Go

The sparkling performance of IMBS can be credited to a strong workforce and a collaborative work culture that encourages participation, new ideas and freedom to implement. The team also gets exposure to significant responsibility very early in their young careers, providing a great opportunity for them to learn and grow. This progress is accompanied by a 50 percent Y-o-Y revenue growth which promises to grow further. Leveraging its established relationships, IMBS is now looking for avenues to enter varied domains of Integrated Business Planning, Industry 4.0 through On Cloud offerings such as IOT on Shop-floor, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Maintenance Execution Systems, Quality Execution Systems. IMBS aims to become one of top one-stop-solution provider for its clients with aggressive plans to grow both its existing and new initiatives.