OMS Infra Consultants: Simplifying the Infrastructutre Development Conundrum

M. Siva Kumar, Managing Director

M. Siva Kumar

Managing Director

Constituting of seven states, the North Eastern region of India is known for its unique and picturesque landscape. However, connected to the mainland only through the narrow Siliguri corridor, the region has been cutoff from the rest of the nation which has had a massive impact on infrastructure development in the area. Lagging behind in terms of road connectivity and other infrastructure wants, the region also suffers, owing to the hilly terrain and precarious weather conditions, which leave a limited timeframe for construction work. While challenges are plenty, OMS Infra Consultants, a full fledged infrastructure faced project delivery consultancy has been leveraging its technical and infrastructural expertise to undertake projects in North eastern states of the country, even in extreme climatic conditions. Focused on aiding infrastructure development PAN India across Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Assam, the project management expert organization has also successfully implemented a plethora of projects across India.

“We have successfully planned a wide range of infrastructure projects across various sectors including highways, bridges, airports and buildings. But the one common thread running through all the 55 projects that OMS Infra has undertaken so far is our commitment to quality and punctuality,” expounds M. Siva Kumar, Managing Director, OMS Infra Consultants. Laying steadfast significance to requisite safety norms and other regulations while executing the projects, the ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company specializes in 360degree project delivery consultancy. Owning expertise in integrated planning, comprehensive design, engineering and project management services for highways, bridges and buildings,and construction supervision of highway projects, the firm is professionally managed, techno advanced and infrastructure focused. Founded in 2014, OMS Infra has developed an association with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, IRCON, and others, and has occupied a significant position in the league of infra consultancy organizations.

Empowering the Infrastructure Sector

The infrastructure sector, which includes power, bridges, dams, roads and urban infrastructure development, is often one of the key drivers for any economy. Especially a modern and efficient road network is an essential component of a nation’s infrastructure, and an important prerequisite for sustained economic growth. On its way to becoming a global superpower, infrastructural development is on an upswing across India.

Unfortunately, the sunrise sector which is a critical contributor to India’s development is often marred by time delays and cost overruns. According to survey conducted by the Project Management Institute, globally, organizations wasted an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested in construction projects. Helping organizations minimize delays and ensuring adherence to budgets, OMS Infra has been a part of this transformative process from its very beginning.

Possessing expertise in rendering consultancy services for highway projects, the company has so far completed projects with a total road length of over 1300 Kms. “Our projects in this sector include feasibility studies, detailed designs and project reports, and project management services for expressways, national/ state highways, and dedicated service corridors,” says Siva. OMS leveraging the extensive know how and invaluable insights gained from designing and implanting a plethora of projects, has completed some of the highways in a single stretch of over and above 150 Kms, which is a feather in its cap. Similarly, the team has successfully designed and implemented lengthy bridges of above 1.5 Kms.

When Hyderabad based Sushee Infra & Mining limited was working on four laning of Balachara to Harangajo section of NH-54(Ext)from Km.275.000 to Km. 244.000 in Assam, the company sought the expertise of OMS Infra. Working on engineering, procurement and construction for the said project, OMS Infra identified several deficiencies and incorporated them in the project; as a consequence of which the project cost enhanced significantly.

Replicating the same success for all its clients, the firm’s roster of infrastructure
consultancy services includes detailed project reports, engineering services and tender advisory services. The firm also conducts traffic surveys, axle load spectrum studies, traffic demand & forecasting, traffic validation, revenue forecast, pavement condition & evaluation studies, flexible & rigid pavement design, hydrological & drainage studies, highway & overlay design, and designing of culverts. Additionally, the team also aces bridges & protection works, study of alternatives & value engineering, detailed costing & quantity estimation, and economic & financial analysis.

OMS infra adopts pertinent solutions protecting the interests of the client & contractor while also keeping in mind all the specifications, terms & conditions and guidelines of the project

Aiding clients in preparation of Bill of Quantities (BoQs), construction schedule and bid documents & evaluation of bids, OMS Infra has established its proficiency in infrastructure consultancy. Having understood the importance of staying compliant to environmental norms, the company helps clients with environmental impact assessment studies,socio economic and rehabilitation & resettlement studies, procurement of environmental and other clearances from statutory bodies. “Although all our services are very unique, I consider our DPR designs, EPC designs and authority engineering services as our USP. Also our devoted services such as general contracting, construction management, design build and pre construction services have helped us gain clients applause time and again,” says Kumar.

The A Team: Adept & Professional

Owing to the involvement of several volatile factors, the infrastructure development sector can often be a precarious space. Oftentimes, contractual issues may arise between the authority and the concessionaire (contractor). In such situations, OMS Infra adopts pertinent solutions protecting the interests of the client & contractor while also keeping in mind all the specifications, terms & conditions and guidelines of the project. Implementing these bespoke services is the highly motivated OMS Infra team that has gained vast experience by working on complex projects at home and abroad. Functioning as strong pillars that support the organization, the talented team allows the company to undertake complex projects even in remote locations and also in critical operating conditions.

The multidisciplinary team consists of engineers, architects, planners and technical professionals with varied experience in every dimension of infrastructure projects ranging from planning to preparing preliminary drawings, detailed engineering, design of projects and others with regard to highways, bridges, flyovers, airports, environment and urban development. Having undergone strict hiring processes, the able team undergoes regular training in order to stay abreast with the evolving industry trends.

Functioning with the belief that employees are the firm’s most critical part, OMS Infra is firmly committed to the welfare of its employees. Giving top priority to safety measures of its employees at project sites, OMS Infra strives hard to make its workplaces accident free zones. The company’s best industry practices and implementation of HR friendly policies were recognized by the Em ployers Branding Institute of India, and the company was conferred with the prestigious ‘Nation Best Employer Brand Award 2018’ and also ‘Telangana Best Employer Brand Awards 2018’at the recently held 13th Employer Branding Awards event hosted by World HRD Congress.

Able Leadership: The Guiding Light

Often, it is the values of the top management that trickle-down into the very DNA of an organization. OMS Infra’s ethical, expert services and commitment to client & project success can be attributed to Kumar’s core values. The visionary leader treats his work as worship and duty as God. Imparting the same values to his team, Kumar has been instrumental in the company’s meteoric rise to success.

Other than his core values, Kumar also brings to the table his deep industry expertise gained from an illustrious career that began as a civil designer and then moved on to project manager. Impassioned by the spirit of vision and enterprise, he was driven to found OMS Infra in the year 2014. Having gained global experience as Charted Engineer while working on projects across Tanzania East Africa, Muscat Sultanate of Oman and in United Arab Emirates(Dubai, Sharjah, AlAin & Abu Dhabi), he implements the various lessons learned in order to stay ahead of the competition. A member of various institutions such as Indian Roads Congress (IRC), Institute of Engineers India, Indian Concrete Institute, and Indian Society of Earth quake Technology, IIT Roorkee, Kumar is a figure to be reckoned with in the industry.

Under his able guidance, OMS Infra’s revenue grew at 27 percent annually to reach Rs.12.82 crore in 2018-19 as against Rs.10.09 crore during 2017-18. The firm is now concentrating its efforts to achieve an overall growth of 40 percent for the current financial year. Believing that success is endless and one must not stop at achieving just one milestone, the company is also contemplating extending its engineering services to railway and irrigation industry in the years to come. Striving hard not only to protect its current success, but also working towards attaining new heights, OMS Infra is sharpening its reliable, ethical, award winning services.

M. Siva Kumar, Managing Director

Kumar brings to the table his deep industry expertise gained from an illustrious career that began as a civil designer and then moved on to project manager. Having gained global experience as Charted Engineer while working on projects across various countries, he has been the guiding light at OMS Infra


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