Innomedia Creations: Adding Technical Innovation to Your Design Requirements

AvinasshKeshan,Managing Director


Managing Director

What do the premier institutes of XLRI, IIM-Calcutta, XIMB, and IIM-Lucknow have in common? Their academic status is a given, but another creative element that binds them together is Innomedia Creations, a unique and specialised organization that assists them in improving their aesthetic appeal by crafting beautiful placement brochures, prospectus, e-brochures, websites and various marketing collaterals for them. A marriage between innovation and media, Innomedia under takes a 360 degree approach (from concept design, pre-press, printing to post-press) to provide these services under the guidance of thorough design knowledge and technical automation that helps it connect with clients and serve them better. Committed to innovative excellence, the company strives to impart design with technology and help clients achieve their desirable results.

Service Provision with a Twist

Incepted in 2002, Kolkata based Innomedia has been designing interactive e-brochures, placement brochures and other collaterals for business schools while also serving export houses, fashion,
product & packing, and other industry verticals. These services are being proffered under a faster turnaround time owing to the company product Placement, project management software and online proofing abilities that deploy automation. Avinassh Keshan, Managing Director, Innomedia Creations, states, “In a period of 2-3 months, we have to handle 5000 student profiles that are similar in structure with more database oriented jobs, so we have developed an online placement portal that gives an online system to manage them and we have also tweaked them as per our needs so that the designing is also automated to some extent”.

A marriage between innovation and media, Innomedia under takes a 360 degree approach to provide these services under the guidance of thorough design knowledge and technical automation

Additionally, an array of services like strategy, branding, concept design, print, latest digital platform accessories for web and apps, magazines & coffee table books art work, annual reports, invitation and customized corporate products are also provided by the company under the guidance of a digitized work flow and a dedicated team, catering to clients PAN India. Before approaching Innomedia, clients are often unaware of the required inputs that invariably lead
to customer dis satisfaction. Avinassh explains,“If the design is not good enough to be printed, we try to educate the client and fix the files in case of arising issues. So this is a challenge where if you want certain kind of output, then you should know what kind of input you have to give and we help define that. We always try to be transparent with the client so that we manage their expectations well”. Once the objectives are clear, Innomedia dons the IT firm armour, adopts technology yet again and engages in online collaboration tools and online proofing system that would help the clients easily access the output from any where and suggest changes as required.

Future Prospects

Innomedia believes in the power of people and ensures that the team comprises of multi-faceted members who can facilitate in various fields without restrictions. They are encouraged to undertake continuous training to garner an edge over those who are pitted against them while the new recruits are given a new direction of design learning. With collaborative team and intuitive designs, Innomedia has been the acting force behind the recipient institutions of awards like Business School Affaire & Dewang Mehta Awards. Witnessing a steady growth of 20 percent over the years, Innomedia is content with its non-volatile upsurge and envisions establishing itself at the meeting grounds of technology and design, and set up an e-Commerce portal called and cloud services that can act as a B2B printing portal, catering companies with their marketing collateral requirements.